Airespring Dynamix X Integrated Access

Dynamically Allocated Bandwidth of Up to 4.5 Mbps for Voice and Data Transmissions

AireSpring Dynamic X Integrated Access is one of the most versatile Integrated Access service in the communications industry today. AireSpring Dynamic X provides converged audio and data transmission services with dynamically allocated bandwidth reaching speeds of up to 4.5 Mbps. This technology also provides 24 channels of dedicated voice channels, one of the most powerful of commercial voice transmission services in the communications market. Dynamic Integrated X also connects directly with AireSpring’s massive IP backbone providing users with high-speed, direct communications with business locations all over the United States as well as in most corporate centers in the world.

Automatic Higher Bandwidth Allocation for Business-Critical Voice Applications

Dynamic X Integrated Access is an automated, intelligent solution that dynamically allocates bandwidth depending on traffic volume. Voice applications which are typically more business critical are granted with higher bandwidth by default for maximum transmission speed and efficiency. In minimal voice transmission periods, Dynamic X Integrated Access is automated to shift bandwidth speed to less-critical data transmission processes. Dynamic bandwidth allocation provides clients with highly reliable voice transmissions to support the most critical of business applications.

Next-Generation VoIP Technology for Highly Reliable and Affordable Voice Transmissions

AireSpring Dynamic X incorporates next-generation Voice over Internet Protocol technology (VoIP) for its voice transmission services. VoIP uses modern day wireless and fiber optic technology for voice transmissions much the same as internet data transfers. Audio information is transported through the Internet in contrast to the use of public switched telephone network (PSTN) for more conventional calling technology. Analog signals are converted into digital form and sent through the Internet to be converted again to analog format at the receiving end. The use of VoIP has greatly enhanced the efficiency and affordability of long-distance and calling and is infinitely useful for business operations.

Complementary Features for the Success of Every Business

Dynamic X also includes several useful features for businesses.  Managed routers are included in every Dynamic X package free of charge. As a bonus, 24,000 minutes of free airtime for local calls is also included. In addition, consumers can avail of other AireSpring telecommunications solutions to complement its Integrated Access solution. Dynamic Integrated Access is just one of the many communications solutions provided by the company and is specially designed to be compatible with other AireSpring services.

Affordability, Billing Efficiency, and Unmatched Customer Services in One Company

AireSpring offers some of the most affordable rates in the telecommunications industry. The cost of AireSpring Dynamic X Integrated Access is 33% cheaper when compared to the Integrated Access services of traditional carriers. Moreover, consumers who have also taken advantage of AireSpring’s myriad communication services can take advantage of highly simplified billing by unifying all company fees into one service charge.

AireSpring is renowned all over the world for providing first-class award-winning communications services with corresponding customer support. The company has gained considerable positive feedback from several business and governmental organizations all over the globe. Consumers who take advantage of the Dynamic X Integrated Access can rest on the assurance that the AireSpring customer support team is online 24/7 to assist consumers anytime, all the time.

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