Integrated Access

Businesses that need to run multiple services over the same line would a great fit for an integrated acess or integrated T1. Integrated T1’s are great for businesses since it is possible run multiple services (local telephone, long-distance, telephone, internet, VoIP) all over the same circuit.

Businesses who need less than 20 phone lines, as well as access to the internet, but do not need a full T1 would be right for a Integrated T1. With an integrated T1, businesses can install a single T1 to accommodate voice, internet, and data networks.

Integrated T1’s require sophisticated T1 equipment to be split between the 24 channels on the providers end. Customers must also have equipment that is able to separate the individual channels. Generally, this equipment is provided to the customer for free from the local phone company.


  • Unified Messaging
  • Competitive, flat-rate of long distance bundles
  • Local phone lines
  • Internet access
  • Web hosting
  • Static IP, to meet your network configuration
  • Web-based monitoring


  • Reduce overall network costs
  • Begin with four local lines and 384 Kbps of bandwidth and have the ability to grow to 20 voice lines or more with transport speeds of 1.54 Mbps per channel
  • Obtain customer service 24/7
  • Simplify business communications through the combination of data, voice, Internet and video applications on one T1.
  • Web based tools to monitor T1 performance
  • Get high speed, “always on” Internet access
  • Suit your business needs by choosing data, voice, internet and access links to your T1
  • Retain existing phone and fax numbers
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