Airespring Overview

AirespringAirespring is held privately, and that is 100% debt free full service Communications Company, offering a large range of services at competitive prices to corporate and residential customers nationwide. Airespring has become one of the quickest growing telecommunications companies in the U.S. and has recently been mentioned in publications as Boston Globe Business Week and Business Week as one of the top discount telecom providers in the country.

Airespring Residential Unit and Mass Markets:

The Mass Markets & Residential Group are suppliers of telecommunications services to consumers nationwide. These services include Wireless Data services ,Switched voice long distance (domestic and international), Calling Cards and Discount International calling from cell phones.

Airespring Business:

Airespring Business can provide a complete set of end-to-end communication solutions for business and corporate customers. Airespring is committed to a solutions based approach where they can provide each customer a set of services that fit the individual needs of each customer.

Airespring Data:

Airespring Data is for companies who operate on medium and large corporate customers and need high bandwidth IP and internet services. Using multiple Tier 1 IP backbones and offering global IP transport, Airespring has the ability to offer a complete suite of data services from IP, Frame Relay to Private Data Lines.


Cutting edge web based customer integration and service permits customers to sign up online, review account information and billing online, and can access customer service. Additionally, customers preferring  human interaction, Airespring maintains a fully staffed customer service center. Airespring’s focus on customer service, a competitive rate and high quality call termination make Airespring a market leader, who is growing in consumer telecommunications services.

Airespring Wireless:

Providing corporate enterprises with secure wireless data connections to the internet and intranets that are always reliable. Complete wireless packages will grant corporate employees using any or the Internet without a wired connection.


Advantages of business with Airespring

Fully Integrated Telecommunications

Airespring is able to provide a complete package of services designed to offer communications solutions to business customers.

Higher Level of Service

Many of Airespring’s customers have found that they are able to offer users a higher level of service than they have previously been accustomed to. A large volume wholesale customer and premier reseller of telecommunications services, Airespring has more leverage than an individual customer would, with their other underlying carriers. This means Airespring customers are able to get problems and issues solved faster and more efficiently than they would otherwise. Also, Airesprings Premier Account Support staff is highly trained and are experienced telecommunications professionals who are standing by 24X7 to make sure all of your needs are met.

24/7 Premier Support

Airespring does not close at 5’oclock, since we know that you do not either. Airesprings Tier 1 carriers have up to date network operations control centers that are monitored and 24X7 and 365days a year. Also, Airespring’s own Premier Support, available 24/7 for high volume business customers.

Mission Critical Applications – Network Diversity With A Single Point of Contact

Being a premiere reseller of telecommunications services, Airespring is placed in a unique position to offer carrier diversity to customers, still provide a single point of contact for service, and still deliver one bill. Many of Airesprings customers require multi network diversity and redundancy for mission critical applications. Airespring is a resealler, which means they can offer their customers direct connectivity for 3 or more underlying carrier networks in voice and data services, and still offer competitive pricing and keep it on one bill and one contract.

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