GigaMan Internet

GigaMan Ethernet and Internet Services-The Ultimate Networking and Connectivity Solution

GigaMan Internet and Networking services is a highly advanced networking solution with high-speed Internet connectivity. GigaMan Services employ cutting edge Ethernet technology to directly connect computer networks within the same geographical location or metropolitan area. GigaMan transmission speeds between networks can reach up to 1.2 gigabits per second, one of the fastest rates in the entire communications industry today. GigaMan speeds is approximately 26 times faster than a 45 Mbps DS-3 setup and is infinitely faster than standard 64 Kbps DSL connections. Users can directly access a Gigabit Ethernet switch on their own private network, allowing data transmissions to remote networks via existing Ethernet systems

Avail of 1 Gigabyte per Second Data Transmission Speeds

GigaMan is basically a data network in a highly urbanized area. GigaMan networking services allows users to directly connect to national Internet networks as well as to the private networks of corporate, academic, or governmental institutions. The power and speed of GigaMan networking systems allows the supports of all existing broadband applications as well as next generation innovations in the near future. Institutions and facilities with high bandwidth requirements such as those involve in medical research or military or paramilitary institutions can take advantage of the versatility of GigaMan services. The transmission of real-time high-quality video with unmatched sharpness and excellent audio quality is easily supported by 1 Gbps GigaMan connections. Massive quantities of data can be transmitted between networks in the least time possible with the power of Gigabit Ethernet technology.

The Ultimate Evolution of Ethernet Networking Technology

GigaMan Internet and Networking services is based on next generation Gigabit Ethernet technology applied to a fiber optic computer network. Gigabit Ethernet is the ultimate evolution of modern Ethernet technology, which has been widely implemented by a lot of businesses and other institutions for their local networking solutions. Basic Ethernet networking systems were designed to be highly scalable and networking capacities can be increased just by installing new equipment. The development of Ethernet technology has caused businesses to migrate from standard 10 Mbps Ethernet transmission speeds to the currently popular fast Ethernet with data speeds reaching up to 100 Mbps. Gigabit Ethernet technology, which is employed by GigaMan services can transmit data at speeds of 1000 Mbps or 1 Gbps, the fastest Ethernet variant out in the market today.

Minimize Packet Losses and Latency Issues—Increase Productivity with GigaMan Services

With GigaMan services, Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) can achieve the same speeds and capacities of high-speed Local Area Networks (LANs). WANs and MANs have always limited in the efficient transmission of data for businesses with branches in the same urbanized region. Packet losses, latency issues, as well as general slow transmission speeds has severely limited the transmission capabilities of businesses which rely on unsupported WANs and MANs. Ethernet Internet connections are usually protracted when transmitted through the massive computer network systems of WANs. With GigaMan Internet, businesses with satellite offices within a particular metropolitan area can forge direct communications with maximum data transmission speeds between locations.

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