Ethernet Solutions

High-Speed, High Security Transmissions from One Location to Another

Ethernet Private Line Services provide transparent location-to-location Ethernet connections to several dedicated User-Network Interfaces (UNIs).

Ethernet Private Lines (EPLs) allow for high-speed, high-security data transmissions between specific locations. It provides high bandwidth connections to assure the speedy transmission of files without security breaches and avoiding bandwidth congestion. Ethernet private line technology is specially designed for direct, point-to-point connections between locations that are specifically determined by EPL consumers.

Forging Highly Flexible, Scalable Networks Between Locations

Most EPL providers today offer several bandwidth capacities to fit the needs of everyone from small business organizations up to huge multi-national companies. EPL installation and service charges are relative to bandwidth capacity as well as the addition of optional features from the provider.

Leading Ethernet Private Line service providers typically offer additional features to complement their services and provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to their clients. In addition, EPL services provide a wide range of data rates and port types to fit each consumers specific network and communication needs, and are designed to be fully compatible with future technological innovations. New developments in EPLs, as well as in other network technologies, can easily be integrated into existing Ethernet Private Line configurations.

Upgrade Existing Systems with Minimal Expense

Ethernet private lines are quickly becoming the industry standard for connecting computers to network service providers or to other computers in a local area network. They are transparent to the data transmitted and therefore support most common computer set ups and interfaces. Lastly, an EPL can be installed without the need for new hardware and equipment, saving your company money.

EPLs operate through highly simplified network connections without complex configurations and specialized hardware, making it the ideal choice to solve the networking requirements of current businesses.

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