Gigabit Ethernet Internet

High-Speed GigaMan Ethernet Internet Services for Instantaneous Transmissions between Networks

GigaMan Services are based on next generation Gigabit Ethernet Internet Services, the fastest networking solution for businesses today. GigaMan Ethernet Solutions are capable of transmitting data between two locations within a particular metropolitan area at speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps. This is ideal for businesses with separate locations in a single Wide Area Network (WAN) or Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). Massive quantities of data are instantly transmitted by virtue of next generation GigaMan Ethernet services. With GigaMan services, WANs and MANs can attain transmission efficiencies comparable to standard Local Area Network (LAN) file transfers.

Massive Scale Local Area Network Efficiencies

GigaMan Ethernet Internet services connects the local area networks (LANs) of users within a single urban area or geographical region. GigaMan networking and Internet solutions employ the same transmission protocols as those implemented in local area networks. Hence, businesses can benefit greatly from high-speed local area network connections at the same time transmitting data between separate locations at speeds similar to Gigabit Ethernet transmission capacities. Businesses or other institutions with high-bandwidth requirements can take advantage of the power and speed of next generation GigaMan networking technologies to increase company productivity and expedite business processes.

A Fully Scalable Networking and Connectivity Solution

Users desiring to implement GigaMan Ethernet Internet solutions are not required to purchase additional hardware. GigaMan services are highly compatible with most existing networking systems hence saving businesses from further expenses in upgrading to more efficient networking and internet connectivity solutions. Moreover, GigaMan Internet and Networking solutions are specially designed to be fully scalable with any future innovations in Ethernet and networking technology. Businesses are saved from future upgrading expenses with scalable GigaMan technology. Upgrade to GigaMan level capacities now and experience highly reliable, high-speed data transmissions between separate local area networks.

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