PGI Overview


Premiere Global Services, Inc. is a global provider of applied communication technologies that help businesses automate and improve their business processes. Our solutions are available 24/7, on-demand and require no customer investment in hardware or software.

The Premiere Global Communications Operating System supports applications within the following solution sets:

Our Story

Founded by Chairman and CEO, Boland T. Jones in 1991, the company has over 2,700 employees in 23 countries around the world including major offices in London, Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris, Frankfurt, New York and Chicago. The corporate headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Globally Increasing Customer Value

Premiere Global offers relevant industry applications for companies worldwide. As your challenges evolve, so do our products and services. We enable you to use traditional modes of communication (phone, internet, email, and more) to:

  • Accelerate productivity in your business
  • Simplify communications with customers, prospects and employees
  • Increase sales and marketing effectiveness

At, we partner with the top providers of Data and Internet Services and can help you choose the right solution for your business. We provide instant Internet quotes from Tier One providers delivered in minutes to your email box for the following Services: DSL, Internet T1, Bonded Internet T1, Internet T3 / Internet DS3, Voice PRI, Voice T1, MPLS, Ethernet, Integrated access, Long Distance T1, and VoIP services. We guarantee that our providers’ T1 prices are the lowest in the industry. For a no obligation immediate T1 quote visit us at

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