Internet T1

What is Internet T1?

Internet T1 is a high-speed telephone that transmits data at a speed of 1.544 Mbps. It is capable of sustaining 24 trunks and telephone lines. An Internet T1 line may be used as an alternative instead of several local trunks or lines from a telephone company. A T1 line is also capable of by-passing your local telephone company and connect directly to your service provider.

Internet T1 was originally invented using copper lines in the 1960’s to transmit digital voice data. Internet T1 lines are now being used for high-speed internet. It currently uses optical and wireless media for its connections. Those prospecting for a connection service involving high traffic and multiple users may want to delve closely in what Internet T1 technology has to offer.

Types of Internet T1 Service

There are two basic types of Internet T1 service as is most often offered by ISPs. The first is a burstable type of T1 lines which does not allow one to utilize the full capacity of  bandwidth as it is capped or is shared with other users. The dedicated type, on the other hand, usually gives the user 1:1 ratio of bandwidth as it is not shared with other users. The cost of Internet T1 service depends upon which type the consumer would most likely prefer.

Should I Use Internet T1 Lines?

Many large businesses today has adopted Internet T1 services for its operations. Fast, reliable with a range of features and options, T1 lines is the answer for businesses with high Internet traffic and multiple users. Depending on the needs of your enterprise, Internet T1 can be your best choice for high-speed Internet service.

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