Verizon Long Distance

With their far-reaching wholly owned local-to-global-to-local network, Verizon Voice Services can provide your business with advantages not currently available from any other company in the communications industry. While many of their competitors must transport some portion of their customers’ voice traffic over leased facilities or via resale, which could result in higher rates and lower quality, Verizon can carry calls from your office to many major business centers worldwide –all on their wholly owned intelligent global network.

One of several products under Verizon Voice Services, Verizon Outbound Long Distance includes all domestic and international calls placed outside of your local calling area. Whether you are phoning an associate across town or on the other side of the world, Outbound Long Distance is by far one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to call.

Benefits for Your Business

Verizon provides state-of-the-art technology to maximize your company’s long distance performance and efficiency. Outbound Long Distance offers many features that can serve to bring you a variety of benefits and help you gain a competitive edge.

Improved Intra-Company Communication

Outbound Long Distance offers a comprehensive group of features that make intra-company communication easier and more efficient. These features are:

  • Private dialing plans
  • Switched digital services
  • Video conferencing
  • Virtual ringdown

Expense Management and Control

Expense management features allow you to easily track and allocate costs to employees, clients, departments, or projects. Your organization will benefit from premises-based cost solutions by taking advantage of the product’s sophisticated features, reporting capabilities, and network management options. Such features and tools include:

  • Customer-verified project accounting codes/ID codes
  • Universal range privileges
  • Customized range privileges
  • 10/15-digit restrictions

Simplified Billing and Streamlined Invoicing

Invoicing and online reporting options simplify the management of your communications expenses. A single supplier solution also enables you to combine your domestic and international expenses on one invoice. Verizon integrates many of its services on one bill, and you can send those invoices where you need them. Through their various invoicing options, they can provide multiple reports and summaries as well as invoice businesses with up to three hierarchy levels. There are more than 15 standard reporting features along with other advanced invoice options. Select from consolidated billing or location level billing – whatever best suits your needs.


  • Local-to-global-to local network
  • Private dialing plans
  • Location-level and directed billing
  • Multiple access to long distance


  • Improved intra-company communication
  • Increased management and control
  • Enhanced network call routing
  • Simplified billing management
  • Reduced calling expense

Private Network Integration

Verizon understands that enhancing the value and utilization of your existing investments in private network facilities is a paramount concern. Outbound Long Distance emulates and supplements the performance of the most sophisticated private networks using the flexibility, reliability, and coverage of a virtual network. Features that help achieve this integration include:

  • Network Call Redirect (NCR)
  • Virtual FX
  • Access integration

Domestic and Global Connectivity

Outbound Long Distance allows you to call virtually every country in the world and, in many cases, entirely on facilities wholly owned by Verizon. Their access options permit even the smallest overseas locations to become part of your company’s network. Each location can utilize the access method best suited to its needs, whether dedicated, switched, or local network termination – for both voice and data. Even telecommuters and international travelers can have a choice of access methods, including calling cards.

Directory Assistance

When dialing to most areas of the United States, Verizon customers seeking directory assistance can receive nationwide listings for all 50 states. When 1-NPA-555-1212 is dialed, up to two listings may be requested. In select cities, Verizon local service customers can receive both a local and national listing on the same call.

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