AT&T MPLS Service

Performance, flexibility and control for Your Networking Needs

Without surrendering any security traditionally found in dedicated private networks, AT&T MPLS Private Network Transport is a flexible path that allows data to migrate data networks to high performing scalable IP-based networks. Over the AT&T IP Network, PNT utilizes Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). This system can link any-to –any connectivity from your domestic sites to a single IP network that easily intergrates new locations and applications. Customers who have domestic locations and want to transition from traditional packet based layer 2 networks or premises based VP solution to a more efficient and flexible network based IP VPN solution.

Flexible Network, Simplified Management

Converge Networks

Any to any connectivity can support and integrate multiple disparate voice, data, and video networks to a single network. The flexible network allows you to add new sites and applications to the network.

Flexible Management Capabilities

Options that let you decide the level of control that you want. PNT management continuum is offered to include managed AT&T IP VPNs to let you have the ability to decide what is right for your company.

Improve Network Efficiency

Through maneuverable addressing options, you can support either your existing private or public LAN addressing by Static or Border Gateway routing protocol.

Visibility to the Network

Review network performance, review prior months billing through web-based management tools and easily manage ticketing.

Control Via Customer Defined Policies

Classes of service allow for traffic prioritization, and higher levels of presentations in data, voice, and videos while still using a low amount of bandwidth.

Reliable Performance

Flexibility and Network Reliability

The AT&T IP Network is known for performing consistently with the highest levels of availability and ease of scales to accommodate new sites or applications.

Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) will help establish performance objectives of network availability, and performance, allowing for the management of mission critical applications.

Security and Business Continuity

Fully meshed networks, provide network variety via IP routing. MPLS network-based security ensures the integrity and availability of communications across the network.

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