T1 Private Line Services

Private T1 lines provide its users with fastest high-quality connections available in the telecommunications industry. T1 private lines have capacities and rates far higher compared to conventional digital lines like DSL connections and traditional Internet access methods. T1 private lines can even achieve higher capacities as well as connection and transmission speeds than dedicated Internet lines. Private T1 lines allows users the full use of a private network installed and maintained by the service provider.

T1 point-to-point private lines allows clients to expand their network capabilities virtually anywhere in the world bypassing limitations of geographic separation. T1 private line consumers can employ the capabilities of Wide Area Networks (WANs) in order to enhance existing local or LAN networks. Private T1 lines has a proven record of reliability, guaranteed service and near universal availability with exclusive fixed bandwidths. T1 private lines act as transparent data providing consumers with enhance abilities to design, implement, and manage private communication networks.

T1 private lines are best for medium to large businesses with geographically dispersed locations. Corporate entities with main offices and several off-state satellite offices can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of constant, direct, and simultaneous communications between all locations. In addition, T1 private lines are capable of providing consumers with reliable high-speed Internet connectivity as well as simultaneous voice and data transmissions.

Why Should I Avail of T1 Private Lines?

T1 private lines incorporates a fixed 1.5 Mbps bandwidth divided into 24 individual service channels. This high-capacity bandwidth is able to simultaneously support massive transmissions of network data as well as VoIP applications. Clients requiring more bandwidth can upgrade T1 lines by bonding it into 2x to 9x individual line capacities.

T1 private lines allows consumers to connect several different locations directly from point-to-point. T1 private lines is dedicated to one consumer and is not shared with other users outside of the client’s organization. T1 private line consumers can make use of existing VPN software systems to encrypt private data and transmit it across a highly secure T1 private line network.

Clients are guaranteed with static bandwidth at 1.5 Mbps. Internet congestion affects the transmission and security of business-critical applications. The use of T1 private lines provides users with high quality phone service as well as real-time applications.

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