Private Line Services

A private line, also known as a leased line, is both purchased and used exclusively by a customer to support private network connectivity or for access to either a local or long-haul public network. Access to the public network can be used to connect CPE (customer premise equipment) to a Central Office or to an IXC’s POP (Point-of-Presence). Capable of transmitting at speeds of Fractional T1s and higher, a Private Line is designed to transmit data in a digital format from end-to-end, ensuring a high-quality, dependable, and protected signal.

Private Lines can be used for:

  • Video conferencing
  • LAN connectivity
  • Network consolidation of voice/data traffic
  • Remote database backup
  • To connect corporate sites to data hubs or collocation centers for data storage, e-commerce applications, and web services
  • High-speed facilities can be multiplexed, which is important in voice and video applications (for example, a DS3 line can be subdivided into 28 – T1 channels


  • Accessibility – Constant connectivity to other offices is maintained, allowing for increased communication and productivity.
  • Security – A private, direct connection to other locations – whether it’s across the street or across the world.
  • Scalability – Speeds from Fractional T1 to OC-192 and scalable to grow with your business.
  • Versatility – Determine the amount of constant, sustained bandwidth you want to allocate to voice or data based on your business needs. Take advantage of compatibility with core office communications hardware such as PBX or Centrex phone systems and servers or server bundles.

Pricing is determined by:

  • transmission speed
  • a fixed rate for central office termination (access charge or local loop)
  • a mileage charge for the fiber facilities used to carry the digital transmission over a distance
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