Intercall Overview

IntercallIn order to run a successful business, communication is key. At Intercall, conferencing solutions are built to help you communicate efficiently and effectively with people in other states, countries, or just across your local area.

With a team of over 500 meeting consultants, 1500 operators, call supervisors, customer service representatives, accounting, IT and marketing professionals, Intercall is the largest conferencing service provider in the world. Intercall serves 400,000+ individual conference leaders in 40,000+ organizations around the world with audio, web and video conferencing. In the U.S., Intercall has 5 call centers with 26 sales offices, and reaches across the globe into Canada, Latin America, the U.K., France, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, and India. Intercall can handle the largest conference calls, since it has more than 140,000 conferencing ports.

Proprietary Technologies

By owning and maintaining the most technological conferencing systems in the world, Intercall is able to use multiple network providers and partners to support extensive product offerings. This means Intercall can link multiple bridges together, in order for them to act as one virtual bridge. With a goal of 99.9% uptime, and with 140,000 gloabal ports, capacity never exceeds 70%.

Intercall is also pushing the development of collaboration technologies, such as VoIP. By utilizing PSTN and IP, Intercall has become the best in the market, and have many other applications working on this platform, such as speech, and ANI recognition, and other conferencing services.

The Switch Tower network can easily meet demand that growing customers may have, to meet the scalability that ASP offers today, and the on-premise environments that will be reached in the future.
Real time failover capability has been installed to ensure that the network does not fail, and that meetings are not affected by software, or hardware failure.

Encryption options and other security options are available to customers who require their data to be secure through their sharing and access. Exceptional security measures have been applied in Intercalls Web Meeting, and users can be sure that their data networks and databases will be secure. End to end data protection is one of intercalls main focuses. 128- bit encryption protocol allows you to protect meetings, before, during and after. Users can select which security functions they would like to use from Intercall, meeting any of the users individual needs.

At, we partner with the top providers of Voice, Data and Internet Services and can help you choose the right solution for your business.  The providers we work with are the DSL, Internet T1, Bonded Internet T1, Internet T3 / Internet DS3, Voice PRI, Voice T1, MPLS, Ethernet, Integrated access, Long Distance T1, and VoIP service providers to millions of companies worldwide.  If your business requires the reliability and speed that millions of other organizations rely upon, let the team at help get you started in the right direction. For a no obligation quote, click our “Get a Quote” button above or call our sales team today at give us a call today at 888-972-2583, Option 2

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