Airespring SIP Service

AireSpring Local SIP Trunking

  • Replace TDM with easy local VoIP service and save up to 40%.
  • Free local calling included.
  • Full features including E911 and 411 directory assistance.
  • Get phone numbers from accross the country and in key locations worldwide which ring locally at no extra charge.
  • Local T-1/PRI
  • All the VoIP cost savings and ease of use delivered right to your traditional phone system.
  • FREE local calling included.
  • 24 Channels (standard): incl. 24,000 minutes of free local calling.
  • 48 Channels (optional): via G.729 compresssion, no additional loop required, 48,000 minutes of local included.
  • Huge nationwide footprint.
  • AireSpring Network Long Distance
  • Get low cost SIP termination using your current phone system without needing to buy expensive new equipment.
  • 2 T-1s of traffic over one circuit. 48 lines using G.729 compression.
  • Robust support for high calls per second traffic and call center traffic.
  • Private IP Network.
  • Most cost effective rates.

Long Distance SIP Trunking

  • No monthly recurring charge per channel or simultaneous call path for long distance or toll-free service.
  • Robust support for call center traffic and high CPS (Calls Per Second) calling patterns.
  • Supports G711, G729 Codecs.
  • Fast turn-up (Most orders provisioned) within 24-48 hours.

At, we partner with the top providers of Voice, Data and Internet Services and can help you choose the right solution for your business.  The providers we work with are the DSL, Internet T1, Bonded Internet T1, Internet T3 / Internet DS3, Voice PRI, Voice T1, MPLS, Ethernet, Integrated access, Long Distance T1, and VoIP service providers to millions of companies worldwide.  If your business requires the reliability and speed that millions of other organizations rely upon, let the team at help get you started in the right direction. For a no obligation quote, click our “Get a Quote” button above or call our sales team today at give us a call today at 888-972-2583, Option 2.


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