Airespring Super Local Service

AireSpring is a premium telecommunications reseller that is privately held, well funded and completely debt free. The AireSpring management team has been at the forefront of technology and innovative, least-cost solutions since the 1980’s.

AireSpring bills well over 100 million call records every month and maintains massive, high volume wholesale contracts with of five of the largest multi-billion dollar Tier-1 carrier networks in the industry. Consequently, AireSpring is able to bring significant pricing leverage to its customers while still providing full “carrier-class” service and excellent redundancy measures such as high capacity fiber networks and SONET technologies.

AireSpring is uniquely positioned to provide maximum solution flexibility and personalized service over a large national footprint. As a power reseller with a multi-carrier base and a network of some of the most knowledgeable independent agents in the business, AireSpring can tailor each deal to the specific needs of the client, saving significant money while at the same time adding an extra layer of network security.

Unbeatable rates, top-notch mission-critical service and a wide range of flexible nationally-networked products that keep you linked through your business sphere and enable you to pick the most cost-effective carrier solutions. Airespring’s provisioning team and their automated order tracking facilities are designed to serve even the most demanding companies. All this and yet only one point of contact and one comprehensive bill.

They’ve made low-cost long distance the industry standard. And now they are doing it with Local service.

  • Unlimited FREE LOCAL calling
  • Low Intralata and Interlata rates
  • Use low dedicated long distance rates
  • Servicing 65 national markets
  • No minimum monthly commitment
  • No loop fees
  • Free port charge
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