Local Services

Local voice services are a key to almost any business. Local services provide for everything from basic phone service to voice mail and directory assistance. Customers should seek reliability and competitive pricing backed with feature-rich offerings to form the foundation for all local services.
Whether your business has one location in a single market or many offices across the nation, your provider should make it simple to buy local services. A top tier provider should provide enhanced product features across all of your markets, along with standard product names and functionality. Basic phone service with fax, modem and other features Basic Business Lines Low-cost, flexible telephone service that can be set up quickly without a great deal of technical expertise.

Key Local Service Descriptions and Services:

  • A turnkey solution for your voice services – Centrex Fully managed service that offers PBX-like capabilities and standard feature sets, including three-way calling, forwarding and speed dialing along with productivity-enhancing optional features.
  • Flexible voicemail solution to take incoming calls when you are not available. Voice Messaging Lets businesses capture and manage important messages via standard, enhanced or advanced voicemail options
  • A high-capacity method of transmitting voice and data ISDN PRI. ISDN PRI offers simultaneous, integrated voice and data transmission via a digital trunking interface.
  • Access to directory information – Directory Assistance and Operator Services Directory Assistance connects to a live operator and offers nationwide traditional and reverse look-up capabilities. Operators Services offer a choice of live operator or auto-attendant assistance with calling card/credit card, third number billing, collect calling, person-to-person, station-to-station, busy line verification and busy line interrupt services.
  • To ensure that specific employee or tenant location information – rather than only the office or building address – can be transmitted to local emergency response officials. Private Switch/Automatic Location Identification (PS/ALI) PS/ALI provides the E911 system with current, specific employee or tenant location information to expedite emergency response times.
  • To provide a local market presence in an area where the company does not have a physical location Remote Call Forwarding (RCF) Remote Call Forwarding is an inbound only call service that allows incoming calls to be forwarded to a local or long distance telephone number – providing a seamless view to the caller that the business is located within their local area.
  • Local telephone number(s) from an exchange (rate center) other than the exchange in which your location is physically situated. Foreign Exchange (FX) With FX, multiple rate centers are being served from the same switching platform to maintain a local presence in a nearby area and increase customer accessibility.
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