Managed and Professional Services

Our methodology for implementing networks is a mix of services and solutions that help you migrate to a single multiservice platform. It’s a simplification; a convergence of technologies into one cohesive system. We reduce operational costs and enhance performance. We make your system more flexible and enhance your ability to manage and control your environment. What’s more, with We by your side, you’ll find it’s faster, simpler and more cost efficient to deploy new applications and services so you can manage your future.


Planning provides a detailed analysis that strives to identify information necessary to build a design that meets the customer’s current and future needs.

  • Understand the existing voice and data networks
  • Identify and address infrastructure performance and quality of service requirements
  • Eliminate the guesswork associated with size and scope of the proposed network
  • Identify the customer’s solution requirements and expectations and ensure that they are addressed in the design phase
  • Reduce design and deployment costs by providing accurate data for the design phase


The design phase uses the information gathered during the planning phase to craft a solution that meets the customer’s current and future needs. The output or deliverable from the design phase will not only define the solution to be implemented, but also articulate how the solution will be deployed through sections such as the deployment plan and the migration strategy.

  • Design Workshop
  • Design Solution Document
  • Design Review Acceptance


The implementation phase includes the deployment and configuration of the solution according to the plans and strategies crafted during the design phase. These plans and strategies include, but are not limited to, the deployment, migration, training, and support strategy.

  • Project Management
  • Procurement and Staging
  • Production Solution Implementation
  • Solution Testing
  • Cut-over (aka Day1) Support
  • Documentation
  • Administrator Training
  • End User Training (if necessary)
  • Operational Handoff

Support and Operations

Each customer requires different levels of service and support for its multi-service infrastructure. We provide a range of support services to help customers maintain and develop their investment.

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