XO Private Line Service

Get high-speed, dedicated point-to-point connections so you can securely transfer data between locations. Simplify your communications with full time availability, 24×7 network monitoring, flexible terms, and high-capacity bandwidth choices.

With XO Private Line Service, You Can:

  • Secure sensitive information with private connectivity
  • Instantly transmit mission-critical data with point-to-point connectivity
  • Streamline business communications by using the XO nationwide fiber optic network
  • Increase productivity with 24 x 7 guaranteed network availability
  • Simplify your accounts payable with one invoice for all your XO services.

XO Private Line:

  • Helps control your communications expenses with flat-rate billing
  • Minimizes downtime with continuous network monitoring.
  • Choose from among several high capacity bandwidth options for your private network. Whether you choose T1, T3 or OC-n, this service provides you with dedicated point-to-point connectivity, thereby reducing the bottlenecks associated with switched public networks. Private Line Service is for companies that mean business.

The Private Line Advantage

Benefit from both privacy and flexibility. No matter where you are or where you need to send data, XO has you covered:

  • On-Net to On-Net: Both ends of the circuit connects to the XO network
  • On-Net to Off-Net: One end of the circuit connects to the XO network
  • Off-Net to Off-Net: Neither end of the line connects to the XO network

Why XO? Quite Simple, It’s Their Network

XO has a wealth of network assets to handle your current needs, and their ongoing investments ensure that XO is well positioned to support your growth. Their award-winning network leverages the latest digital optical technology and has terabit capacity deployed nationwide, enabling XO to offer a broad range of high-speed network transport services where and when you need it.

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