Level 3 Private Line Service

Implementing and managing a scalable and robust backbone network involving multiple markets can be challenging. You need to accommodate a wide range of bandwidth requirements, reduce the risk of outages and scale your network in an environment that demands a rapid growth response while planning for long-term network evolution. To effectively meet these needs, you need more than a vendor – you need Level 3 Communications® as your trusted provider.

The Level 3® Intercity Private Line Service offers physically diverse, fully protected, high-speed, dedicated bandwidth between two or more customer-specified locations. This service is supported as a point-to-point transport solution with industry-leading service guarantees. Level 3 Intercity Private Line service also supports a variety of Private Line Hub configurations across a wide range of bandwidth options and interfaces.

Service Details

  • Facilities-based Network – Level 3 owns and operate one of the largest facilities-based networks, so they have direct control over performance and quality.
  • Speed – They offer several speeds, including DS-1; DS-3; OC-3/3c and STM-1; OC-12/12c and STM-4/4c; OC-48/48c and STM-16/16c; and OC-192/STM-64.
  • Comprehensive Services – They can design, build and operate your network using the Level 3 suite of end-to-end metro and long-haul transport solutions that includes private line, wavelength and Ethernet private line services.
  • Proven Support – They have a proven track record in providing exceptional backbone solutions to some of the world’s most sophisticated customers.


Ensuring Quality and Performance

The diversity of the Level 3 underlying physical network, as well as their fully mirrored 24 x 7 Network Operations Centers in three different time zones, enables Level 3 to deliver consistently high availability.

Investing in Growth and Network Evolution

Significant, ongoing investments in network scale make Level 3 a provider that can support your growth. In fact, they expect to double their backbone capacity every two years to support growth across a range of services.

Committing to Your Success

Your dedicated team of network architects is the same group responsible for designing the Level 3 Network. Whether you’re launching a next-generation data service or expanding an MPLS-based service internationally, Level 3 is committed to collaborative network design.

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