AT&T Private Line Service

Efficient, Secure, Cost-Effective, Dedicated Communications

In order for your business to grow, you need to have multiple sited within the U.S. or possibly internationally. To be successful, you need to have reliable communications that will allow you to connect your enterprise network directly to one or multiple sites. Video, voice transmission, and data are provided by AT&T and have the speed and diversity your business craves.

You can connect your locations with efficient, safe, and reliable communications at quick speeds with the AT&T Private Line Service. AT&T allows you to customize your network through availability, reliability and network management.

Customizing Your Network


Available both domestically and in 80 countries, AT&T Private Line Service is able to meet your current and future needs. AT&T has 77,000 route miles of fiber optics and this includes 18,000 miles of new “next-generation” fiber and SONET rings and optical networking technologies.

Service Types

AT&T offers the industry leading optical mesh service with Ethernet solutions, and can use Private Line Service from 9.6Kpbs to 10G.


With state of the art infrastructure and superior network technology, AT&T is positioned to meet any of your businesses needs.

AT&T’s superior network technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure positions AT&T Private Line as the ultimate in reliability. Utilizing multiple restoration
capabilities via Mesh architecture, SONET Rings and FASTAR AT&T Private Line Service delivers. Their SONET Premium Private Line Services is able to offer redundant circuits and millisecond restoration times that make restoration almost unnoticeable.

Network Management and Support

Maintenance service center for both Private Line and Sonet are offered 24 hours a day. Customers can outsource network management, enjoy hands on control over their network and can choose how much management support they need.


  • POP to POP routes can be configured to private lines, if needed.
  • Traffic can be routed to self-healing SONET network
  • Credits will be provided by SLAs in event of service interruption
  • Enhanced services with SLAs
  • Multiple configuration
  • Point to Point, Multipoint and Add/Drop Multiplexer
  • Scalable/ Cost-effective
  • 9.9 Gbps maximum speed


  • Performance – Dedicated, private and secure point-to-point connectivity that allows you to connect to multiple end-points
  • Connect multiple end points through point- to – point security
  • Network management with end to end component agility
  • One number to call for Private Line Services to give you the best control and service
  • End-to-end provisioning, billing, support and maintenance
  • 24X7 monitoring of network to create a dependable network
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