New Edge MPLS Service

If your business is growing but your data traffic is slowing, it might be time to migrate to an MPLS network from New Edge. With up to five Classes of Service (CoS), you can optimize your bandwidth usage and get the most out of your network. And it can also boost your productivity and bottom line — at a cost that’s more affordable than you might think. New Edge offers more than managed IP network solutions; NewEdge offers a flexible, customer-centric approach. As you consider adopting MPLS, it is important to understand the benefits of MPLS in comparison to your existing network infrastructure as well as how service and support vary across MPLS providers.

Take Control of Your Network

Industry experts report that the growing needs to expand geographically, reduce costs and ramp up security are driving the demand for a completely private, fast and flexible network solution: Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). MPLS provides end-to-end prioritized network traffic, predictable application performance and built-in Quality of Service (QoS).

Businesses who adopt this technology will not only be ahead of the curve financially, they’ll also be positioned to embrace growth and implement low-latency business applications of the future. MPLS network solutions provide an economical and flexible alternative to Frame Relay and private line connectivity or site-to-site tunnels and are easy to manage and maintain. And with flexible support for multiple access types, MPLS allows you to choose the method that’s right for you, whether it’s DSL, T1 or Frame Relay.

Application Prioritization

New Edge MPLS offers five Classes of Service (CoS) that let you prioritize voice, video and data applications while consolidating all traffic types on a single network. Plus, it’s easy to reroute traffic priorities on the fly or add new locations to the network whenever you need to.

New Edge is the first provider to make MPLS Class of Service traffic prioritization available over high-speed, low-cost DSL access. By filling the traditional service-level and price gap between DSL and T1 connections, New Edge’s breakthrough enables more businesses to step up to better application support and achieve the other benefits of an MPLS network.

Private, Fast and Flexible

New Edge’s MPLS network solution is a private IP-based product that uses New Edge’s private MPLS backbone to transfer data between customer locations. This method keeps all IP packets from the same session associated with one another while in transit, which increases the speed of network traffic flow, enables traffic prioritization, reduces transit delays and improves network efficiency.

Security and Disaster Recovery

New Edge’s MPLS networks combine the security and reliability of Layer 2 (Frame Relay) networks and the scalability and flexibility of Layer 3 (Internet-based VPN) networks to deliver the best of both worlds. And because a New Edge Networks MPLS network is not directly connected to the Internet, public IP security threats are eliminated, making MPLS ideal for supporting HIPAA and CISP/PCI-compliant networks.

With any-to-any connectivity, MPLS is well suited for disaster recovery plans, providing automatic fail-over in the event of an emergency.  NewEdge’s MPLS networks are access agnostic, enabling redundant access methods. This means that you could choose T1 for your primary network, for example, and DSL or wireless for your backup network.

Why New Edge Networks?

New Edge Networks, an EarthLink company, eliminates the inconvenience and complexity of managing multiple carrier relationships, technologies and geographies. Thet enable you to focus on your core business while we manage the broadband network infrastructure to stringent performance metrics. Their customers benefit from one seamless network, one provider and one point of contact.

New Edge offers enterprise-class customer care for any-size business. They custom-design each MPLS network to fit your business needs. A project manager serves as your single point of contact throughout network implementation, and expert “smokejumpers” come to your sites for trouble-free installation. You’re assured of high-level support and maximum uptime from our enterprise technicians as well as the Managed Network Services suite, which provides convenient tools, visibility and information to IT managers.

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