Data Center and Colocation Service

What is Colocation?

Colocation services allow users to leverage infrastructure and staff expertise of collocation data center operators by placing equipment in racks, cages, or private collocation suites. Colocation data centers provide and manage physical security, uninterruptible filtered power, back-up generators, cooling, network security for your services and internet connectivity.

Users can also manage collocation services to make it easier for users to manage data center needs through colocations partner trained staff. IT staff and overhead required to manage data center applications can be reduced through colocation centers such as remote server monitoring and control, network security and remote hands and eyes, as well as, managed back up across geographically dispersed data stores.

What are Advantages of Colocation?

For users looking to run servers on high availability data without bringing on infrastructure and staff costs required to run data centers should look to colocations.

Users can either invest in multiple outside feeds, transfer switches, transformers, generators, redundant HVAC systems, uninterruptible power supplies, fire suppression, multiple ISP connections and redundant Cisco network infrastructure to bring the highest level of uptime for your applications. Colocation data operators that have already made the investment can amortize the investment across a large number of customers.

You can incrementally buy data through Colocation. Colocation allows you to buy data centers one rack at a time, rather that investing up front to buy a data center. Colocation also allows you to use the collocations operators staff, rather than invest in development of training your own staff.

How to Buy Colocation

Colocation is scalable, in order to meet any requirements you may have. Shared racks can be purchased in partial shares of 5U increments of rack space of full private racks and dedicated cage or private colocation suite space. Colocation locations provide 24X7 access to collocation equipment and provide security through locked cabinets.

There are three factors that will drive your colocation choices and costs:

  • The number of racks or square feet of dedicated colocation area that your business will need.
  • The amount of power required in each rack to run your systems.
  • Amount of internet bandwidth that is available 
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