XO Internet Service

High-speed connectivity and reliability for Internet access, intranet and extranet applications over the XO multi-10 Gbps, Tier 1 nationwide IP network, with guaranteed bandwidth to meet heavy data demands. XO Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) provides simple, manageable and scalable high-capacity bandwidth choices, industry-level Service Level Agreements, and Web-based monitoring and reporting tools.

A Fast, Reliable Connection to the Internet

When the Internet is fundamental to your business, you need more than high-speed Internet access. You need a reliable partner who can provide what you need today and tomorrow.

Designed specifically to meet your requirements and grow with your business, the XO advanced private network delivers the utmost in performance and robust Internet access. Through a fully peered IP network with private and public high-speed connections to the entire network, XO DIA service provides dedicated, clear-channel, point-to-point connectivity.

As one of only a few fully peered, facilities-based Tier 1 Internet backbone providers in the United States, XO has hundreds of private peering arrangements in most metropolitan areas. By routing around congested public peering points, these private peering relationships with virtually all major Internet providers give you reliable connectivity and the best possible speed and throughput. What’s more, the nationwide IP network design maximizes redundancy with no single IP point of failure. That’s how XO delivers your data to its destination securely, reliably, and along the fastest route possible.

XO DIA service is backed by industry-leading Service Level guarantees, including 100% availability Service Level Agreements on all DIA lines.

With XO DIA solutions, you can:

  • Control costs by choosing exactly what you need from a wide range of access types and speeds.
  • Optimize your resources by monitoring your bandwidth capacity with Web-based monitoring and reporting tools.
  • Scale bandwidth as your business grows.
  • Increase productivity with a connection that quickly transfers large data and multimedia files between networks.

Robust Features

XO Dedicated Internet Access includes comprehensive standard features, including:

  • A broad range of access types and speeds—from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps.
  • A managed router with preconfigured Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), installed by XO with ongoing maintenance and management—for all DS1 and DS3 connection options.
  • IP address allocations at no cost.
  • Primary and secondary DNS registration.
  • Web and email hosting services.
  • Single bill.
  • Customer support and proactive network monitoring, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Optional Features

You can select expanded CPE and managed router options, including:

  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) routing protocol— for managing multiple high-speed DIA connections to the Internet.
  • Network Access Translation (NAT)—to allow conservation of scarce IP addresses

Service Level Agreements

  • Network Availability – 100%
  • Latency – 65ms round trip
  • Packet Loss – <1%
  • Jitter – <1%
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