tw Telecom Internet Service

tw Telecom delivers the most advanced telecommunications solutions on the market to a wide spectrum of businesses and organizations across the United States. Since 1993, they have built a legacy of success through exceptional customer care, remarkable products and powerful networks. These strengths enable them to deliver scalable solutions that help customers improve their business metrics.

tw Telecom’s Internet Services deliver high-quality, high-speed connections for companies who depend on the Internet for critical applications. tw telecom offers a comprehensive suite of Internet options, not only traditional connections (TDM) from T1 to OC48 but also Ethernet connections from 10 Mbps ports to 10 Gbps ports.

Traditional Internet Service (DIA)

  • T1 – 1.5M
  • NxT1 – Multiple Bonded T1s – 3M, 4.5M, 6M, 7.5M, & 9M
  • DS3* – 3M to 45M in 3M increments
  • OC3* – 35M to 155M in 10M increments
  • OC12* – 125M to 622M in 25M increments to 250M, 50M increments to 600M, plus 622M
  • OC48* – ICB Only – 1000M to 2488M in 500M increments to 2000M, plus 2488M

Ethernet Internet Service (EIS)

  • Ethernet – 2M to 10M in 2M increments
  • Fast Ethernet – 2M to 100Mbps in 2M increments up to 10M, then 5M increments up to 100M
  • Gigabit Ethernet* – 50M to 1000M in 10M increments to 100M, 25M increments to 250M, 50M increments to 1000M
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet – ICB Only – 1000M to 10,000M in 1000M increments

tw Telecom  Network

tw telecom has built an impressive OC-192 IP backbone with a redundant IP core architecture, diverse network routes, and strong peering relationships with regional, national, and international networks to ensure traffic reaches its destination quickly and reliably.

Ethernet Connections

tw telecom provides not only traditional connections (TDM) from T1 to OC48 but also Ethernet connections from 10 Mbps ports to 10 Gbps ports, providing scalable solutions that can easily be increased to meet ongoing bandwidth requirements.

Metro Footprint

tw telecom has an extensive metro footprint, with fiber directly connecting more end-user buildings than any other competitive service provider in the United States. They are continually adding new buildings to their network which spans nearly 7,700 buildings, across nearly 25,000 fiber route miles in 75 markets in 30 states and the District of Columbia.


By owning their own networks, both IP backbone and local networks, they can quickly provision services to actively meet the business needs of their customers.


tw telecom’s focus on execution and service delivery is unparalleled and widely recognized as such across the industry. tw telecom delivers local sales and technical expertise backed by a national company.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

SLAs are standard with tw telecom’s Internet services and are backed with money back guarantees.


tw telecom operates two 24 x 7 National Operations Centers to monitor and support customers’ services.

Value Added Services

Internet services include these additional benefits: IP Addressing, Domain Names Services, On-line Bandwidth Utilization Reports, Back-up E-mail Exchange, and BGP Peering, and the following services are also available at an additional charge: Managed Security Services, Managed Router Service, and Shared Web/E-mail Hosting.

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