Sprint Internet Service

Sprint Internet high speed Internet service makes sure that you no longer experience slow dial – up connections, random and frequent disconnects, and hit or miss dial-up availability. Now known as Embarq, Sprint Broadband high speed Internet enables you to zoom through web pages, download music instantly, watch videos online, and easily send and receive photos.

With Sprint high speed Internet, download software updates for your computer and listen to online music and streaming video clips. With Sprint Internet, experience enhanced and unlimited utilization of online video and flash visual technologies for your business without limiting your global telecom calling capability.

Systems Requirements for Sprint Internet

Windows Users



Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP

Windows XP

64megs RAM

128megs RAM

50megs Disk Space

80megs Disk Space

200mhz processor

300mhz processor


Macintosh Users



OS v9, OS X


64megs RAM

128megs RAM

60megs Disk Space

60megs Disk Space

333mhz G3

867mhz G4

Note: The listed system requirements vary. Check for the updates on the requirements through the order form.

Sprint Internet and EarthLink Capability

Sprint high speed Internet provides enhanced security and unmatched simplicity with its advanced online security through the EarthLink Protection Control Center. The program is an easy to use scanning system for both viruses and spyware. It is even capable of protecting your system from hackers.

Access the Internet through Total Access, the latest version of EarthLink’s free Internet access software. It is designed as a launching pad to the Internet, including Web email and FTP programs and the rest of the requirements necessary to access the Internet. Total Access also features a Task Panel, a customizable toolbar that enables you to control your Internet experience and even change your EarthLink account settings.

In case your Internet access demand changes and requires you to upgrade to DSL, Cable, Wireless or Satellite broadband, Sprint Internet provides a check availability tool to let you validate the high speed internet offer available in your area, whether DSL, Cable, Wireless or Satellite.

Available in over 100 countries worldwide

•    Via the Sprint wholly-owned (SprintLink) and reseller (such as Infonet and Equant) platforms
Available in port speeds ranging from 56 Kbps to10Gbps
•    Port speed options vary by location and may require an SCA

Available with both fixed monthly (flat rate) pricing plans and variable, usage-based (burstable) pricing plans

•    Pricing options vary by location

Available with flexible local access options, including:

•    Sprint Provided Access (SPA)
•    Customer Provided Access (CPA)
•    Enhanced Sprint Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) access in select markets

Available as a usage-based (burstable) Reserve Port :

•    Provides back-up service in the event of a failure on the customer’s primary dedicated IP port from another provider
•    For a low monthly “reservation” fee, customers have an active dedicated IP port with Sprint which they may use at any time

Available without the need for local access in various networking facilities across the globe, including:

•    Sprint IP Shared Tenant sites
•    Sprint-leased collocation facilities outside the United States

Backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for availability, delay, packet loss and installation

•    SLA metrics vary by region and/or platform
Available with IP Class of Service for all interested customers
•    Offering available to customers whether or not they purchase additional managed services from Sprint

Availability is limited to certain routers on the Sprint wholly-owned platform

Available with Web-based performance reporting tools for all interested customers

•    Performance reporting tools and options may vary by platform
Available with Sprint-provided domain name registration for all interested customers

Available with Sprint-provided primary and/or secondary Domain Name System (DNS) administration for all interested retail (as opposed to wholesale) customers

•    Service not available to resellers
•    Customer must have at least one port on the Sprint IP backbone to receive this service

Available with Sprint-provided full or partial Internet News feeds for all interested customers

Available with Frame Relay-to-IP and ATM-to-IP internetworking services via Sprint gateways

Available with a wide range of Sprint-provided or Sprint-facilitated Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) options, including:

•    Purchase or rental
•    Configuration support
•    Management services
•    Maintenance services

All from a reputable, experienced, and financially stable service provider with the full portfolio of complimentary voice, data and Internet services needed to build total customer solutions.

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