Savvis Internet Service

The Internet as a Business Driver

SAVVIS understands that the Internet is fundamental to the success of your business. It connects you to your customers, suppliers, and employees. It has enabled powerful new communications technologies that improve efficiencies and lower costs. It serves the ever-growing bandwidth requirements of the latest applications. Your ability to connect to the Internet community more effectively than your competitors can mean more satisfied customers and increased market share.

The Power of Tier-1 Networking

SAVVIS represents a large portion of that Internet community. In fact, the SAVVIS(formerly Cable and Wireless America) tier-1 backbone is one of the largest IP networks in the world offering unmatched peering and interconnectivity with other global providers. By connecting to SAVVIS, their customers gain access to multiple SAVVIS data centers, POPs and carrier hotels as well as the broadest range of content available on any network. Because their IP network is one of the most reliable and uncongested in the world, its performance is backed by industry leading service level targets for latency, packet loss and availability.

Complete Portfolio of Services to Meet Any Business Need

Regardless of the size or technical sophistication of your business, SAVVIS has an Internet offering to meet your needs. Their product portfolio includes:

  • Fully-managed and non-managed offerings depending on the degree of your technical expertise and networking infrastructure
  • Multiple delivery options including SONET, ATM, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and frame
  • Speeds ranging from T-1 E-1 to OC-192
  • Usage-based or flat rate billing

Customer Service You Can Depend On

The SAVVIS customer service model was designed to meet the stringent needs of the most demanding customers in the world. With 24 x 7 Network Operations Centers in the US, the UK and Singapore and our unique “Pod” support structure, you can be certain that your needs will be met quickly, anytime day or night. As a SAVVIS customer, you’ll have access to online performance tools for monitoring and SLA reporting.


  • One of the world’s largest Tier-1, global backbones
  • Award winning performance backed by industry leading SLAs
  • Full suite of offerings from fully turn-key to completely non-managed
  • Delivered at speeds up to OC-192
  • Flexible access methods including Ethernet, ATM and SONET
  • Award winning customer service organization with global NOCs on three continents
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