Level 3 Internet Service

Reliable, Dedicated Internet Solution Available in Speeds From 56 Kbps to OC-48 and Gigabit Ethernet

The Level 3 Dedicated Internet Access service combines essential enterprise Internet features with world-class global Internet reach and scalability, for a high-performance Internet solution for enterprises of all sizes. The service can be offered as either a standalone service or as a complement to other Level 3 data communication services.

The fixed-rate service is available in a wide range of bandwidth speeds and access methods, from 56 Kbps to OC-48 and Gigabit Ethernet, with both full-port and fractional throughputs. The Dedicated Internet Access service is designed to fit the diverse requirements of enterprises that demand high-performance access to the global Internet marketplace.


  • TDM transport ranging from DS-1 through full-port OC-48
  • Ethernet transport ranging from fractional 10/100 through full-port Gigabit Ethernet
  • Granularity of service profiles: full-port and fractional
  • Primary and secondary authoritative domain name service
  • High-performance DNS resolution
  • Static IP allocation
  • Access to Level 3’s customer online bandwidth utilization portal
  • 24-hour Internet service technical support
  • 24-hour network monitoring and management
  • Optional managed router service


  • Industry-awarded Tier 1 Internet backbone
  • Third-party recognition as one of the most highly connected Internet backbones in the world
  • Customer base that includes many of the world’s largest Internet content providers
  • Highly redundant and scalable backbone architecture
  • Dedicated operational resources that constantly monitor IP backbone traffic
  • Extensive list of high-capacity, world-class Points of Presence (POPs)

Detailed Service Description

Level 3’s fully owned and managed high-performance IP infrastructure provides a world-class backbone for demanding enterprise customers. With its wide range of bandwidth options and access methods, you can choose the best connectivity options for your business.

Service Level Agreements

The redundant, self-healing design of our local and long-haul network enables Level 3 to offer on-net customers industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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