AT&T Internet Service

World-Class Dedicated Internet Access

Enhanced performance, dedicated access, world class reliability and excellent performance all come with AT&T Managed Internet Service. Users will have access to high speed OC48/OC192IP backbone. This is an industry leading multi-ringed infrastructure protected by physical and logical feature. 24/7 monitoring and management are available with Serivice Level Agreements that will be able to cover low packet loss and delay. Scale to greater heights of reliability and leverage you IP with AT&T Managed Internet Service Access Redundancy Options.

Redundancy in the Links

AT&T understands that networks are always maturing and becoming more mission-critical. In order to help you succeed AT&T realizes you need maximum up-time for websites or applications. MARO from AT&T is able to offer many different ways to increase resiliency of network connections. In order to optimize performance or dedicated internet circuits, and attempt to terminate single point failure, AT&T has continued to design new network connections. Fast, automatic rerouting of traffic will prevent your business from failing in the event of a link failure, an access router or failure of any routers. AT&T MARO will help you expand IP connectivity and increase the possibility of increasing business revenues in a high-performing, faultless manner. Redundancy means that elements in the links between your LAN and the AT&T IP Backbone will ensure that if one path fails, redundant paths will pick up traffic automatically.

AT&T is Your Single Provider for Redundant Solutions

AT&T Managed Internet Service allows you to purchase redundant connections to World-class AT&T IP Backbones. Solutions will provide a variety of options when you decide the level of redundancy needed within your network. Even to one ISP, Redundant connections, can be a complex solution. In order to help you, AT&T technical support professionals will:

  • Design redundant solutions
  • Manage routing
  • Manage traffic flow requirements

AT&T MIS has options that will attach multiple connections to the AT&T IP Backbone such as Backbone Node Redundancy, Access Router Redundancy and Automatic Load-Balancing.

Backbone Node Redundancy

Backbone Node Redundancy will deliver redundancy for your dedicated access connectivity to AT&T IP Backbone. A group of circuits will terminate on one to two different customer routers and two different access routers that are located within two geographically separated AT&T IP Backbone Nodes. You are provided a redundant physical path, a redundant customer router connection (if two customer routers are utilized), a redundant access router connection and a redundant AT&T IP Backbone Node connection. These capabilities help you to eliminate single points of failure for the circuit, customer router, access router, and the Backbone Node.

Access Router Redundancy

Access Router Redundancy addresses the fact that most failures are in the access
portion of the network, either at the local facilities or in the access routers. In this
option, a group of circuits terminates on one or two different customer routers and two
different access routers within the same AT&T IP Backbone Node. The redundant
elements include a redundant physical path, a redundant customer router connection
(if two customer routers are utilized) and a redundant access router connection in the
same IP Backbone Node, helping to eliminate single points of failure for the circuit,
customer router and access router.

Automatic Load-Balancing

With Automatic Load Balancing a group of circuits are used to balance the traffic across two circuits. This option provides an extra level of redundancy for the circuit only (primary and/or redundant), and is normally used in addition to Backbone Node Redundancy or Access Router Redundancy. For all of the options, you can choose link usage configurations based upon your traffic flow needs. In fact, you can use one or both links for inbound and outbound traffic.

Management Ease and Design Expertise

AT&T MARO makes your management job easier. You don’t need to maintain extensive – and expensive – in-house IT staff, because you can rely on the expertise of our professionals.

  • We provide 24×7 customer support, technical assistance and proactive monitoring.
  • We include and maintain full management and operational control of the necessary equipment, significantly lessening your network management burden. Or, if you prefer, you may supply and manage your own CPE.
  • We offer you the option of a fully managed, outsourced security solution – AT&T Managed Firewall Service – for cost effective, end-to-end security management.
  • We coordinate with you to implement your desired traffic flow, and manage your BGP4 (Border Gateway Protocol) routing.
  • For multiple connections to the AT&T IP network we extend a private Autonomous System (AS) Number for BGP4 routing, so you won’t have to go through the complex process of applying to the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN) for your own.
  • Our network professional services can assist you with traffic flow design, load-sharing, BGP4 design and more – regardless of whether your AT&T Managed Internet Service includes the Managed Router option.
  • AT&T is your single point of contact with end-to-end expert management and technical support.

Capabilities Behind the Reliability

AT&T MARO adds robust reliability to your AT&T Managed Internet Service, which already carries with it the strength of the AT&T IP Backbone. As a Tier 1 provider, AT&T offers powerful capabilities that enhance thereliability and further development of options such as AT&T MARO.

We build our own infrastructure – imposing rigorous performance standards along the way – so that we can confidently provide end-to-end management and control. AT&T’s IP Backbone has been designed with multiple “rings” which provide alternate routes between Backbone Nodes for enhanced service reliability. At the present time, the AT&T IP Backbone consists of 18 major node interconnected by OC48s/OC192s, as well as 16 additional smaller nodes connected with OC48s, and about 100 locations (called remote access routers or RARs) connected with protected OC3 links.

Underlying the AT&T IP Backbone is AT&T’s highly reliable and extensive transport network. Supporting all AT&T services, the AT&T transport network is 100% digital, currently with more than 77,000 route miles of fiber optic cable in the U.S.

Riding on the transport network is the enormous AT&T Frame Relay Network, the AT&T ATM Network and the massive AT&T IP network. Separate but interconnected, these networks enable you to mix-and-match AT&T services seamlessly. And their discrete natures mean that a failure in one network doesn’t affect the others. So, you can purchase connections from multiple AT&T networks, gain the breadth of services you need and still achieve full redundancy. All of these advantages make it possible for you to choose AT&T as your sole communications provider – and reap the benefits of our multitude of offerings.


Available at all AT&T MIS speeds (56 Kbps – 2.5 Gbps)*, AT&T MARO provides redundancy in these link components of your access path:

  • Backbone Node
  • Access Router
  • Customer Router
  • Local Access Circuit


  • Strengthens reliability and promotes high performance
  • Helps eliminate most single points of failure
  • Builds in automatic rerouting of traffic around a router or circuit failure
  • Offloads the complex management of multiple IP connections
  • Expands IP connectivity in a scalable, fault-tolerant program
  • Offers dual site solutions with 100% access diversity to help ensure business continuity
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