Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is a dependable, predictable, and high bandwidth always-on Internet service and connection. Connecting directly to a provider’s core equipment, your DIA connection is solely dedicated to you – not shared with other business clients – allowing for greater performance and scalability. Guaranteed transmission speed and bandwidth ensure a solid, low latency network performance 24/7.

Businesses choose DIA for many reasons, including:

  • Provides high-quality connections for businesses needing to host their own servers (web, application, mail, reservation, etc.)
  • Facilitates local and international large file transfers
  • Improves internal communication via e-mail and web browsing
  • Allows access to servers from remote locations
  • Streamlines bandwidth intensive multimedia activities such as internet streaming, webcasting, and distance learning
  • Supplies the foundation for value added services including virtual private networking

Speeds available

  • T1 – 1.5M
  • DS3 – 3M to 45M in 3M increments
  • OC3 – 35M to 155M in 10M increments
  • Ethernet – 2M to 10M in 2M increments
  • NxT1 – Multiple Bonded T1s – 3M, 4.5M, 6M, 7.5M, & 9M
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet – 1000M to 10,000M in 1000M increments
  • OC12 – 125M to 622M in 25M increments to 250M, 50M increments to 600M, plus 622M
  • OC48 – ICB Only – 1000M to 2488M in 500M increments to 2000M, plus 2488M
  • Fast Ethernet – 2M to 100Mbps in 2M increments up to 10M, then 5M increments up to 100M
  • Gigabit Ethernet – 50M to 1000M in 10M increments to 100M, 25M increments to 250M, 50M increments to 1000M
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