Voice T1

What is Voice T1?

Voice T1 is essentially voice applications and transmissions employing T1 signaling and lines. Large corporations and multinational businesses can employ the use of next generation T1 technology to support high-quantity voice transmission requirements.

Voice T1 is typically installed in 24 channel service packets. Voice T1 is capable of supporting up to 24 voice lines. Each 24 channel circuit provides high-speed Internet connectivity direct from the service provider’s network. Voice T1 provides highly stable and reliable connections allowing clients to connect existing digital Private branch exchange systems to the private network of service providers.

Voice T1 can be enhanced bu ISDN or non-ISDN digital signaling and may be set up as inbound, outbound, and as two-way services.

Why Avail of Voice T1?

Conventional business and residential connections from a phone company is delivered through a pair of copper wiring which transports voice as analog signals. Standard modems using traditional copper wiring can transmit data at speeds of 30 Kbps.

Conventional carriers as well local telephone companies are able to transport voice traffic in digital form compared to traditional analog signaling. Analog lines can be transformed into digital signals by sampling it for 8,000 times per second with 8-bit resolution. At present, the majority of digital signals are transmitted via optical fiber networks and phone companies utilizes different terminologies when discussing the capacities of fiber optic lines.

Consumers who have availed of modern T1 technology actually accesses the fiber optic network of the service provider. T1 lines with a capacity of 24 digitized voice channels are able to transmit data at rates of 1.544 Mbps. Voice T1 is the transmission and implementation of voice applications using T1 lines.

A normal T1 line is able to transmit about 192,000 bytes per second. This is 60 times more data compared to conventional modems. Voice T1 has reached speed levels unheard of during the age of modems and copper wiring.

Voice T1 provides businesses with constant, high-speed voice transmissions anytime and all the time.

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