How to choose T1 & T3 Internet Line Services

Originally developed by AT&T Bell Labs for North America and Japan, T1 lines (also known as T-carrier lines) are ideal for any business that requires an always-on, high-bandwidth connection capable of transmitting large amounts of data.

A traditional T1 line is fast, secure, reliable, and offers a symmetrical connection speed of 1.54 Mbps. As a result, T1 service is frequently used by businesses for applications, such as file sharing, email, web hosting, data back-up, video transfers and VPN access. Typically, T1 service is run over twisted copper telephone lines, however now that standard is slowly being upgraded to fiber optic lines.

There are a number of different types of T1 lines, including:

Fractional T1 – a fractional T1 line allows you to rent/use a portion of the 24 channels that are offered on a full T1 line. Fractional T1s are common among small businesses that do not require the power of a full T1 line. It is important to note that although only a limited number of channels are used, fractional T1 lines do not suffer from slower transmission speeds and still provides the same reliability and performance

Burstable T1 – a burstable T1 allows you to purchase a specific amount of bandwidth, and pay a premium when you usage exceeds that bandwidth. Each burstable T1 line is sold with a measuring technology attached at the ISP’s end that is designed to increase your charge once you “burst” to the full T1 speed

Bonded T1 – a bonded T1 lets you increase your bandwidth without a huge increase in costs. For example, a dual bonded T1 provides 3 Mbps, and a triple bonded T1 provides 4.5 Mbps in a single connection. However, once you go above 6x bonded T1, it is more cost-efficient to opt for a full T3 circuit.

Internet T3

An Internet T3 connection (also known as a DS3 connection) transmits data at a rate of 45 Mbps, making it the ideal service for universities and large corporations that deal with high-volume network traffic. As one of the fastest, non-optical connection offered in North America, a single T3 line is fast enough to transmit real-time, full-motion video and long-distance traffic, and is also frequently employed to build the core of a business network at its headquarters.

Additional Information

Internet T1 and Internet T3 lines are readily available in most regions. To find T-line service and pricing in your area, simply fill out our online quote generator or contact one of our professional account managers at 888-972-2583.

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