T1 Line Price Comparison

Staying ahead of the competition is one of the biggest challenges in today’s business environment. Regardless of the size or industry that your company is in, the Internet is a vital avenue for conducting business, accessing real-time apps, and connecting with current and potential customers.

T1 lines provide high-speed, high-bandwidth connections to the Internet that can help keep your business competitive without breaking the bank. That being said, in order to get the best return on your T1 investment, it is crucial that you select the best fitting solution for your unique requirements. For example, smaller-sized businesses frequently employ a single T1 line, while larger enterprises often opt for a bonded T1 or higher solution to support their day-to-day operations.

When compared to Cable and DSL connections, Internet T1 lines are dedicated solely to you and your business. By not sharing broadband with the masses, your T1 connection’s reliability and speed remains intact – regardless of the amount of traffic or the location. Moreover, T1 connections offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that guarantee up to 99.99% uptime, quick response times, etc.

Many businesses have given T1 connections the cold shoulder, thinking they are either too pricey or not available in their area, when in reality this isn’t the case. These misconceptions stem from Internet T1’s pioneer days and are two of the driving forces behind businesses opting for “bargain” services, such as DSL or cable. The trouble with bargain services, however, is that they really aren’t much of a bargain. Services like Cable and DSL cost less because they offer a shared connection that splits available bandwidth between your business and users on the network. This can be as few as 10 or as many as 1000, which will cause your speeds to slow to a crawl during T1 connections peak hours.

The cost of a T1 or bonded T1 line depends upon the carrier you choose as well as the location where the service will be installed and how far it sits from the provider’s POP (point-of-presence) or CO (central office). Due to the popularity of T-line services, prices for T1 connections have fallen as low as $250/month in select areas.

In short, T1 lines are the answer for any business with a heavy volume of Internet traffic and multiple users as they provide fast, reliable service with a comprehensive range of features and options.

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