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Connecthere.com is a property of FastBlue Communications, a privately held company located in Irvine, CA. FastBlue Communications is a premier master agency for business telecommunications services offering clients unbiased, carrier neutral advice on services from the finest providers of Local, Long Distance, Toll Free, International, High Speed Internet and Data. Dedicated Internet Access, Ethernet Solutions, Hosting and Colocation, MPLS Services and Private Line Services. The company has a  proven track record of negotiating the best solutions and pricing for our customers telecommunications solutions custom tailored for the unique need of their business or industry.  FastBlue’s experienced staff and sales partners follow a process of assessment, analysis and recommendations to provide clients the highest possible return on investment and savings from their voice and data communications infrastructure across multiple vendors product lines. FastBlue Communications  offers their clients the best solutions that the industry can offer.

Connecthere gives clients the best solutions for Data and T1 Internet Services on the following key areas.

1.) Dedicated Internet Access

Connecthere provides Dedicated Internet Access through its network of Tier One Internet Service providers.

  • AT&T Internet Service
  • Level 3 Internet Service
  • New Edge Internet Service
  • Savvis Internet Service
  • Sprint Internet Service
  • Time Warner Internet Service
  • Verizon Internet Service
  • XO Internet Service

2.) Ethernet Solutions

Connecthere has industrial links with the foremost leaders in Ethernet technology.

  • AT&T GigaMAN Service
  • AT&T Opt-E-MAN Service
  • Ethernet Private Line Service
  • XO Ethernet Service

3.) Hosting and Colocation

Connecthere gives clients the option to invest in the multiple outside power feeds, transformers, transfer switches, generators, uninterruptible power supplies, redundant HVAC systems, fire suppression, multiple ISP connections and a redundant Cisco network infrastructure necessary to deliver the highest level of uptime for the client’s applications. In addition, clients can leverage a colocation data center operator that has already made the investment, and can amortize that investment across hundreds of customers.

Colocation allows clients to invest in their data center little by little. Instead of investing lasrge amount of funding for a system that will meet the client’s space requirements for the next 5 years, the client, through colocation, may purchase their data center onerack at a time. Colocation with Connecthere also allows the clients to tap the expertise and training of the Connecthere staff, instead of investing in the development and retraining of data center management of their staff.

4.) MPLS Services

Connecthere has links with the top MPLS providers today such as:

  • AT&T MPLS Service
  • New Edge MPLS Service
  • Sprint MPLS Service
  • XO MPLS Service

MPLS is best recommended in situations where real-time traffic is configured to be given preference over data packets which do not require the same amount of speed or priority. Traditional IP circuits treat all traffic equally, however, network problems arise when demand for bandwidth temporarily exceeds the capacity of the circuit and the router begins to discard packets. Lesser priority tasks such as e-mail or web browsing receive the same priority as critical real-time video or audio conferences. Such a situation would inevitably  result on phone calls or video transmissions of inferior quality, as the two sources battle against one another for priority. An MPLS network on the other hand will instantly assign a high priority to real-time voice and video. E-mail traffic and other connections that are not as likely to be affected as latency will be pushed to the back of a router’s queue to make way for high-priority traffic. MLPS improves the performance of real-time applications and has a minimal effect on lower priority traffic such as e-mail, where a a time delay of a few milliseconds is negligible.

To sum it up, MPLS gives clients high-priority, mission-critical IP traffic the highest priority to reach its destination. Network efficiency and Return of Investments increase significantly with no interaction required on the client’s part and with no significant changes to your network infrastructure.

5.) Private Line Services

Connecthere as a California Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) provides private line services through our network of Tier One providers.

  • AT&T Private Line Service
  • Level 3 Private Line Service
  • Verizon Private Line Service
  • XO Private Line Service

Private lines at present is mostly used to support private network connectivity or for access to a public network. Offices and industries today employ private lines for LAN connectivity, video conferencing, remote database backup, network consolidation of voice/data traffic, as well for most applications. It is most widely used to connect corporate locations to collocation facilities or data centers for e-commerce applications, data storage, or web services. Furthermore, high-speed facilities can be multiplexed which is important in voice and video applications.

Private lines have advantages that may be the best solution to the needs of present day businesses. The benefits for employing private lines in one’s businesses are as follows:

  • Security – Enjoy a private and direct connection to another office location across the street or across the world.
  • Accessibility – Acquire a consistent connection to other offices, dedicated to your business
  • Versatility – Gain flexibility to determine the amount of constant and sustainable bandwidth for allocation to voice or data based on what your business requires.
  • Scalability – From Fractional T1 speeds to OC-192 and almost everything in between, Private Line Services can grow with a client’s business.

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