MPLS Services

The Perfect Communications Solution for Businesses with Dispersed Locations

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is fast becoming the communications solution of choice for a lot of enterprises with geographically dispersed locations. MPLS now comes in a wide number of bandwidth speeds from DS-1 MPLS services to high-speed OC-3 setups. MPLS services provide businesses with a streamlined, fully interconnected communications network. Geographically dispersed business locations are provided with direct, instant communications without additional charges in contrast to conventional Frame Relay technology. MPLS is capable of supporting very high transmission speeds from basic DS-1 1.544 Mbps capacities to OC-3 level bandwidth speeds of 155 Mbps.

A High-Speed, Flexible Network with Minimum Data Loss during Transmissions

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Services grant network controllers with high levels of flexibility in the diversion and rerouting of traffic around link failures, bandwidth congestion, and virtual bottlenecks. Businesses with more than two locations are afforded highly reliable communications free from data packet losses and latency glitches.

Maximum Network Security against Illegal Intrusions

Moreover, MPLS services are fully independent from the World Wide Web. MPLS services provide highly secure private networks completely separate from the Internet. Internet connectivity is provided through another secure circuit or Internet port. Hence, communications between business locations are ensured of maximum privacy with total protection from illegal intrusions and hacking attacks.

Free Local and Long Distance Calling

MPLS solutions provide separate business locations with direct communications. Conventional telephone calling and modern VoIP call functions are available free of charge. This goes the same to both local and long distance calling. Furthermore, MPLS services allow the conduct of various audio and videoconferencing applications, conventional or VOIP.

The Most Cost-Effective Communications Solution in the Market Today

Next generation MPLS circuitry is expected to replace traditional frame relay and point to point circuits in the coming years. Multiprotocol Label Switching is a far more advanced technology compared to present frame relay technology and has already been proven to be far more advantageous to businesses. MPLS services is 40% more cost effective than traditional networking solutions, providing businesses with a high-speed, fully secure network to expedite business processes and enhance general company productivity.

A Fully Scalable Solution to Support Future Technological Networking Technologies

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology is also highly scalable and is compatible with most existing network systems. Modern MPLS technology is specially designed to adapt to future networking innovations. Businesses are assured that any novel innovation in communications technology can easily be integrated to their existing MPLS network.

Enhance Business Productivity with Cutting Edge MPLS Technology

MPLS enhances business productivity by improving the performance of existing applications. Moreover, MPLS services are fully scalable with new advances in network applications and technologies. Businesses are assured of the highest security levels. Public Internet security threats are totally eliminated and it provides various disaster recovery tools. Best of all, MPLS services is the most cost-effective networking solution available today, providing businesses with high-bandwidth, direct communications from DS-1 level speeds to MPLS OC-3 services.

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