Long Distance T1

Long Distance Calling with High-Speed Internet Connectivity

Long Distance T1 is now the long distance solution of choice for many businesses today. Long distance T1 is considerably cheaper than conventional long distance calling through public switched telephone networks. In addition, T1 not only features high-capacity long distance calling functions but is also host to other benefits as well such as high-bandwidth Internet connectivity not to mention multiple calling and connectivity streams in one single service provider connection.

Standardized T1 solutions are composed of up to 24 digital channels where each channel is capable of reaching bandwidth speed of up to 64 Kbps. Consumers should take into consideration that Long Distance T1 services employ cutting-edge digital technology in contrast to conventional telephone services which transmit calls as analog signals. All 24 channels are distinct and can equally support either internet connectivity or calling pathways. T1 lines are also much more versatile as they allow Direct Inward Dialing Numbers (DID) as well as voice mail and other related calling functions. A small sized business with about 8 phone lines and 8 desktops can use up to 15 T1 channels for internet, 8 channels for calls and one for caller ID.

A Cost-Effective Solution for the Calling and Bandwidth Requirements of Businesses

Most Long Distance T1 Calling is divided into four distinct classes—international, interstate, InterLATA or IntraLATA. A Local Access and Transport Area (LATA) is a geographical and administrative region that is covered by a particular Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) or more commonly known as a local telephone company. These different classes all have different long distance T1 rates and all are considerably more cost-effective compared to relying solely on the long distance services of conventional telephone carriers.

In the past, small entrepreneurial ventures are hesitant to take advantage of the benefits of long distance T1 solutions. Today, next generation T1 Circuit technology is no longer limited for the exclusive of multinational enterprises, premier academic institutions, or government agencies. Consumers today are considerably more informed on the cost-effective attributes of T1 services. T1 patrons, at present, range from small and medium sized businesses to huge conglomerates. The costs of T1 services are far lower compared to T1 rates several years ago. Moreover, a lot of next generation digital and IP phone systems out in the market today are most compatible with T1 level connections.

Affordable Long-Distance Call Functions—the Perfect Alternative for Analog Phone Systems

Smaller-sized businesses are usually uncertain to implement long distance T1 solution. Most smaller -sized businesses consider T1 services to be too expensive with very low return of investment turnouts. Smaller sized businesses who are apprehensive in installing T1 bandwidth services should always ask for professional assistance in assessing business communication requirements.
long distance T1 costs are not directly comparable to standard DSL rates. T1 services are comprehensive, unified solutions to provide businesses with affordable long distance calling as well as high-bandwidth Internet connectivity. T1 rates should be compared with the sum total of the monthly cost of the DSL in addition to the regular bills from the local telephone company.

An Integrated T1 Solution provides long distance calling as well as high-speed Internet connectivity. Multiple channels voice and internet services in one unified T1 line greatly enhances communication efficiency as well as increase company savings in general.

Long Distance T1 Options

There are four categories of Long Distance T1:  international, interstate, interlata (between LATAs) or intralata (long distance within one LATA). Through a wholesale Long Distance T1, it is possible to further break down calls all the way down to each area code and prefix in the United States. The more that the call can be refined combined with the Least Cost Routing solutions, the lower the average rate per minute . Multiple choices for long distance (LD) voice service using standard TDM T1 services or VoIP services are also offered for customers.

Various business long distance services are as follows:

•    Dedicated Long Distance – a voice T1 line
•    Switched Long Distance – regular phone service over copper phone line
•    Integrated T1 line – a T1 that combines long distance calls with high speed internet
•    Business VoIP – a voice over IP service
•    Residential VoIP – a voice over IP service
•    Basic Rate Interface – an integrated service digital network service
•    Primary Rate Interface – an integrated service digital network service
•    Virtual PBX – virtual private branch eXchange, a voice over IP service

Various selections of business long distance calls allow customers to choose the most appropriate for them. And rest assured they will reap the benefits of a quality call. Public switched network ensures lowest possible rates per minute. Even Long Distance T1 and VoIP solutions provide cost effective service solutions for big and small customers alike. Customers with minimal Long Distance needs may access the network on a switched basis or VoIP, though they are small. Larger customers on the other hand may find it more economical to access the network on a dedicated basis. So choose the most appropriate long distance service for your business and earn greater savings.

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