High Speed T1

A T1 line is a digital line capable of transmitting data at a speed of 1.54Mbps via telephone networks. It can be made of copper or fiber optic lines, and due to its high speed, can maximize up to 15GB of data a day.

There are many different types of T1 lines, including:

  • Full T1 line – One of the most popular T1 types; it has a speed of 1.54Mbps. It can be used for data or voice, but cannot be used for both.
  • Data T1 line – Also has a speed of 1.544Mbps. It is very dependable, and up to 75 users can utilize it at once, making it an economical choice for some businesses.
  • Bonded T1 line – This line consists of several T1 lines bonded together. A bonded T1 is not shared and has a guaranteed speed. Subscribers have a lot of options by bonding up to 12 T1 lines depending on their needs – for example, a 3x bonded T1 has a speed of 4.5Mbps.
  • Voice T1 line – Can transmit up to 24 lines. Also, subscribers can connect to many networks, and access all local, regional, and international calls.
  • Fractional T1 line – Allow subscribers to choose different speeds of bandwidths. However, if they choose it for personal use, the connection cannot be shared with others.
  • Integrated T1 line – Allocate subscribers to connect both data and voice with a speed of 1.54Mpbs. Subscribers can have voice calls via local and long distance lines.
  • Burstable T1 line –Subscribers choose their bandwidth limit depending upon the price they wish to pay each month. If they exceed to the limit, they just have to pay extra.
  • Point-to-Point T1 line – Perfect for businesses with satellite offices, this type of T1 can connect different offices in different locations, and allows a lot of sharing of data at a speed of 1.54Mbps.
  • Frame Relay Service – Also perfect for businesses, this service lets offices and networks share data. Each person or office that’s connected can have different bandwidth speeds, depending on their needs.

The vast amount of developments that have been made in T1 lines make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes – particularly large companies – that demand a wide range of lines and high bandwidth speeds.

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