DS-3 Private Line Services

High-Speed Connections between Locations

DS3 Private Line Service is the best option for medium-sized businesses and multi-national enterprises which require very high-speed connections between two locations. Most larger-sized organizations require higher than T1 bandwidth speeds (1.544 Mbps). DS3 private lines are capable of transmitting data over a dedicated pathway with bandwidth speeds reaching up to 45 Mbps. Such private lines are capable of transporting up to 28 DS-1 level, that is 28 1.544 Mbps signals in a single direct line between two specific locations. Businesses requiring high bandwidth connections between locations can take advantage of the power and speed of DS-3 private lines for their communication processes.

Multiple Data Streams in One Dedicated Pathway

In modern communications, private lines are a service that provides dedicated circuits, private switching systems, and specific communication byways to provide direct communications between two particular locations. Conventional private lines employed by public switched telephone networks utilize traditional copper cables to forge direct communications between locations and is limited to the transmission of analog signals such as calling and facsimile functions. Revolutionary fiber optic and wireless technology has allowed the development of private lines which are capable of sending multiplexed signals (multiple analog message signals or digital data streams) in a single fiber optic or wireless connection.

DS-3 Private Lines Are Ideal for Organizations Requiring High Bandwidth Capacities

Hence, DS3 private lines are capable of sending multiple analog and digital streams with bandwidth speeds reaching up to 45 Megabytes per second. It is best utilized for the implementation of mission-critical applications such as transmission of massive quantities of data or to broadcast real-time videos with excellent audio. DS3 private lines are ideal for academic institutions, government agencies, or multi-national enterprises requiring heavy bandwidth payloads. DS-3 private services allow the simultaneous transmission of large quantities of data, video, and audio.

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