Dedicated T1

A Dedicated T1 line is a high-speed digital connection capable of transmitting large files quickly, granting instant access to company data, and allowing for faster web browsing and e-mail communication.

Dedicated T1 lines provide the highest level of reliability, are not subject to fluctuations in speed (common with cable connections or wireless technology), and are a great service alternative for those who demand better and faster communication in their working environment.

A Dedicated T1 line is equivalent to 24 phone lines, and when bonded can reach up to twice that – meaning it would take 48 phone lines to have the same amount of digital transmission, either voice or data, of a Dedicated T1 line. That can make a vast difference in velocity and dependability when compared to analog phone lines or even business DSL services.

As for pricing, T1 is a more expensive than DSL, with prices ranging between $500 to $2000 per month, with a set up fee that varies between free and $500. While the cost of a Dedicated T1 might seem discouraging, the guaranteed bandwidth and associated features make the service well worth the price.

For general browsing, a lot of users are easily able to share a Dedicated T1 line comfortably due to the networks large size. Dedicated T1 technology is proving to be a cost-effective means of linking voice and data, both inter-office and intra-office, and serves as an alternative to high speed modems for data transport. Users are discovering that it costs less to have a T1 trunk than a series of leased telephone lines in a point-to-point topology. This is a must for any business that depends on the internet to survive!

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