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11 Apr 2014

Meshed MPLS Networks

When data travels across and through the Internet it is subjected to a lot of potential roadblocks. For one, the Internet is swamped with congestion during peak hours. This makes sense since the Internet is busiest during work hours when millions of people are transferring data at once. This congestion can often cause slowdowns. Also,
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8 Apr 2014

MPLS Network Design

As a business owner it is your responsibility to keep your business up to date with current technological advances. New developments in technology can save you money and time. Consider, for instance, smart phones and conference calling. Both of these technological updates changed the way we conduct business today. These examples go to show that
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1 Apr 2014

Level3 MPLS

As a business owner it is important to step back and take a look at your business from the point of view of your customer. Surely you are a customer in many aspects of your life. It is also likely that you do a bit of shopping online. Let’s take a look at the act
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22 Nov 2013

CenturyLink MPLS Service

In today’s fast-moving, competitive environment, you depend on your network to support your critical business applications across your virtual private network (VPN). CenturyLink iQTM Data Networking® Private Port is isolated from the public Internet to help ensure a secure and reliable IP VPN. Private Port uses multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) to create a fully meshed,
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28 May 2013


AT&T MPLS is a crucial technology in today’s Internet and Data centric market. As companies continue to grow the level of data they create AT&T MPLS will help them properly move information between their different locations. AT&T MPLS has the ability to be delivered over Fiber, Internet T1, Bonded T1, or Ethernet over Copper technology.
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19 Feb 2013

A Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network is a Business to Business service that acts as a private Internet connection linking multiple locations together. Multi Protocol means that the network accepts multiple types of traffic, such as data, voice, video, T-Carrier, SONET, etc. at any given time. Label Switching refers to the technique that tags
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9 Nov 2012

The Cloud in combination with a business model that utilizes many different options, rather than a single centralized office has led companies to use MPLS and WAN technologies. There are many benefits to MPLS including increased speed and security in between office branches, but many users need guidance in setting up a network that will
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17 Oct 2012

XO Communications offers MPLS IP-VPN as a superior service allowing you more time to focus on business rather than managing your network. All around network performance is in higher demand than ever before and converged IP services make this easier than ever. With their MPLS IP-VPN service, XO offers the convenience of a WAN (Wide
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13 Aug 2012

The MegaPath Secure to the Core network offers core security, private networking and compliance options all on a nationwide MPLS network MegaPath provides one of the most inclusive nationwide networks covering data, managed security, and voice services. With more than 4000 COs (central offices) and over 20000 in extended areas, MegaPath provides high-quality service nationwide.
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17 Jul 2012

Managed MPLS services are perfect for Small, Medium and Enterprise sized customers. It allows the customer to connect all of their different locations over a secure, seamless and fast service. MPLS, or Multi-Protocol Labeling System has become the standard for any company that is looking to use a Wide Area Network (WAN). Carriers connect different
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