1 May 2014


In this article we would like to introduce you to two of the most useful and reliable new forms of communication available to you today – Audio Conferencing and Web Conferencing. Also, we will discuss how Integrated Audio and Web Conferencing allows users to combine the two for a superior experience.

Businesses can choose to host an audio call, video conference or integrate both with Integrated Conferencing.


What is Audio Conferencing and how can it enhance my business communication?

Audio conferencing is simply conference calling on a dedicated line. This allows you to host a call rather than travel for a face-to-face meeting. This is especially useful when there are many parties involved. Also, it is a great option for busy business owners who are constantly traveling or on the go. You can host or log into a call from anywhere at any time. So, if you happen to be working on a deadline late at night and you need to meet with your team you can simple host an impromptu conference call.

What is Web Conferencing and how can it add to my business communication?

Web conferencing is video conferencing that can be held through a computer, tablet or smart phone device. In some ways Web Conferencing is superior to Audio Conferencing because it allows chat participants to see each other. That visual really allows participants to get more out of the interaction. Communication is always a bit clearer when you can see someone’s face. Additionally, with web conferences you can walk through a power point simultaneously, write on a shared blackboard, or go over visual materials.

How does Integrated Audio and Web Conferencing work and what are its benefits?

Now that we know what Audio Conferencing is and what Web Conferencing is we can address the question of how they work together. As you know, Audio conferencing takes place on the phone, while Web conferencing happens on the computer, tablet or smart phone. There is audio involved with web conferencing, but it does require that the participant have a microphone and speakers. Many devices allow participants to speak and listen freely, but some require headsets. In this case Integrated Conferencing saves the day – participants simply call in on their phone line and watch along on their screen. This is also handy for participants who are not available to watch the video (perhaps they are driving their cars). These participants can elect to forgo the video and just call in to participate in the voice call.

An Integrated Audio and Web Conferencing service is a great option for businesses because it has many uses. You can choose to host an audio call, a video conference, or integrate the two. This easy to use tool allows you to be prepared for all situations. At Connecthere we work with a variety of conferencing service providers.

Please contact us today to discuss the possibilities of bringing Integrated Audio and Web Conferencing to your business.

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