6 Feb 2013


Dedicated T1 ServicesConnecthere has served customers in Irvine, California with Dedicated T1 services since 2003. Dedicated T1 services can be delivered almost anywhere imaginable in Irvine. We have served our customers with Bonded Dedicated T1 solutions, Integrated T1 Solutions, and Dedicated Voice T1 Services. With our great customer support we have been able to create a community of customers that have the ease of mind in knowing that there will always be someone they can reach out to when they need help. As new technologies have emerged, dedicated T1’s have taken multiple roles.

Verizon Dedicated T1 solutions have given our customers an ability to use dedicated T1 services for their Internet needs. Point to Point T1 services have given our Verizon customers the ability to connect to their Cloud applications, multiple offices, or Co location buildings. AT&T is another dedicated T1 provider that we work with. AT&T can deliver a dedicated T1 to almost anywhere in Irvine. An AT&T dedicated T1 is great for our small or medium sized customers that need a consistent Internet service. AT&T dedicated T1’s are also great for any user that is using a VoIP phone. VoIP sends packets of information over the Internet. If the customer has a service that does not supply consistent Internet, the VoIP service will have differing qualities of service. With DSL the quality of the call will be prone to bottlenecking and the quality of the call will suffer. A dedicated T1 will provide a highly consistent service that can support multiple VoIP users, and the ensuing packets that are sent over the Internet.

Connecthere also works with other Dedicated T1 carriers such as, Level 3, XO, CenturyLink, TW Telecom, and ACC. By supplying our customers with Dedicated T1 choices they are able to find the best provider for their particular service needs. We can guarantee the lowest pricing from any of our carriers adding another level of value to our customers. Also, by adding our dedicated support team our customers have the ease of mind needed in a world that is extremely data intensive, and where response timing is everything.

Find The Best Dedicated T1 Service to Fulfill Your Internet Needs

Want to find out what dedicated T1 providers are in your area? Give us a call at 888-972-BLUE and see who is in your area. With our low price guarantee our customers can use us as a one stop shop finding all pricing and carrier information for their particular location from one contact.

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