1 Apr 2013


Dedicated T1 LinesAre you getting ready to launch a new business?

Do you have a work from home business that you are ready to move to an office space?

Is your business about to move to a new location?

Do you currently run a business and facing constant headaches do issues with your dial up internet?

Is your business internet constantly subjected to disconnects, slowdowns and partial downloads?

If you answer yes to any of these questions it is undoubtedly time for you to evaluate or reevaluate your Business internet options. One of the most prominent and successful options to consider is a dedicated t1 line. Businesses all over the world rely on dedicated t1 lines to provide unmatched, uncompromised support day in and day out.

A dedicated line is one that is especially created and installed for your business. No other business or neighboring homes will share your internet service. Using a dedicated line to get internet service to your business is the equivalent of driving to work each day on a private highway with no other cars. Your own highway is nice at odd hours – midday or late at night, but when it really comes in handy is during rush hour—when the public highway is crowded with other people who need to get to work at the same time as you. A dedicate t1 line works in the same way. It is available only for your business at all times of the day, but it really comes in handy during those high traffic hours. Midday, when most businesses are up and running, Cable and DSL internet users are subjected to slowdowns and disconnects as a result of high ‘traffic’. With a dedicated line you and your employees will coast along without giving other users a second thought.

It is important to make Internet decisions as early as possible when starting a new business or opening a new office. But what if your business expands and grows? What if one T1 line no longer provides a sufficient amount of bandwidth for your business? Dedicated t1 Internet is designed to accommodate you as your business grows. T1 lines can be bonds to together to offer your twice as much bandwidth. The lines can be bonded again and again to meet your needs.

Get Dedicated T1 Line - Most Prominent and Successful Business Internet Options

Please give us a call, or email, or chat live with one of our representatives at connecthere.com to receive detailed information about bringing dedicated t1 to your business.

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Stephanie Egan

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