11 Mar 2014


In this day and age face to face communication is only a small part of our business interactions. And, with each new technological development we see face to face communication decreasing in significance. With internet and phone services rapidly developing today we are able to simulate face to face communication effectively. These services are so advanced that many businesses are opting out of establishing storefront locations and relying exclusively on technology to conduct their work. Small business owners are welcoming this change with open arms. It is convenient and cost effective to cut back on business travel and, in some cases, to cut out the cost of maintaining a physical storefront.

Private Line Service is ideal for sending high volume files during business peak hours with high efficiency and security.

But, with this rapid increase in our reliance on technology many business owners are concerned about protecting the security and privacy of their business. This is a very valid concern today. As the speed in which we run our businesses increases so does the speed in which thieves and hackers can damage our businesses. One of the best ways to address this concern and stop theft before it happens is to employ reliable private lines.

Private lines are just that – private circuits, predefined switches, and a dedicated path over which your information travels. These can be applied to phone lines or to information being sent over the web. The important thing to note is that you decide which locations you would like to connect together from the start and these dedicated lines will service only your business. If you have two storefronts or perhaps a storefront and an office location, or even a main office and a home office you can elect to connect these locations directly. You are not limited to two drop points and all distance can be accommodated. Perhaps you have an overseas office – that’s just fine. Private lines can be set up all over the world. Also, as you would assume, these private lines work quickly. You are not subjected to any of the data congestion that you would find on a shared line. This means that you do not have to worry about slowed or disconnected service during peak hours. This is ideal for business owners who at times need to send a high volume of information because it allows you to elect to send the high volume files during the appropriate and least obtrusive time for your business.

Private lines are incredibly common among small business owners due to their efficiency and security. At Connecthere.com we work with a wide variety of telecommunication providers to supply small businesses with private lines at the lowest cost possible. Please contact us today and one of our representatives will help you to make the right decision for your business.

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Casey Wedge

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