15 Feb 2014


Bandwidth on Demand Service offers flexible bandwidth capability to the customers with the best possible effectiveness.As bandwidth demands rise steadily, enterprises are constantly on the look-out for the best way to meet their growing needs while maintaining the lowest possible total cost of ownership. Yet despite the declining cost of bandwidth, many companies are still unwilling (or unable) to pay higher bandwidth circuits. The solution to this problem is bandwidth on demand.

Businesses of all types and sizes continuously evolve, especially in today’s market. However the majority of them purchase fixed capacity circuits (typically 1 ½ times their peak load) on contracts that last an average of 3 to 5 years. As a result, these companies are paying for bandwidth that is going unused.

Bandwidth on demand allows you to dynamically increase or decrease the amount of bandwidth you pay for according to your current needs. Ethernet, in particular, provides flexible bandwidth capability that lets businesses manage their information technology costs with the best possible effectiveness while reaching the ever-increasing data requirements. CenturyLink, a provider of bandwidth on demand services, stated that Ethernet offers their customers (including government agencies) a great deal of important advantages – bandwidth on demand being one of them. This is because bandwidth on demand provides customers with the ability to pay only for what they really use while meeting their bandwidth needs as they rise and fall.

Another provider of bandwidth on demand service is Verizon. Verizon’s bandwidth on demand is an innovative service that provides control and management over their SONET-based services. Using SONET mesh topology configuration, Verizon bandwidth on demand network equipment is actually interlinked with diversely routed fiber facilities.

Verizon bandwidth on demand provides customers with the opportunity to order a range of solutions that remain exclusively on the bandwidth on demand network, such as Gigabit Ethernet private lines, OCns, and specified DS3 special access high capacity services, on what they call a “Just in Time” basis. This means that they have the ability to be provisioned as quickly as the same business day. In fact, Verizon states that if your order is placed before 10:00 AM Pacific Time they will have you up and running that day. Verizon bandwidth on demand service is able to cut provisioning time for circuits by letting the intelligent network to perform certain functions autonomously.

Simply put, true on demand service is bandwidth when and where you need it. Let us show you what bandwidth on demand solutions are available in your area.

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