23 Apr 2014


As you know the internet connectivity needs of a business office can be very extensive. Your business’ success is dependent upon your ability to work on the internet and transfer information quickly and securely. There are a few fundamental qualities that a successful connection must have. In order for a connection to even be useful to a business it needs to have guaranteed security. Privacy is of the utmost importance in today’s world where most of your confidential business information travels over the web. Additionally it needs to have speed. If your internet is slow then your employees are slow. This effects your worker’s productivity and, in turn, effects your finances. Lastly, it is important to mention that your internet connection needs to be reliable. An unreliable connection with disconnects and slowdowns will affect your company in the same was as a slow internet. Your offices productivity will be negatively affected.

The question is, what type of connection is appropriate when your needs are so expansive? In this case, we often recommend that our clients consider GigaMAN service.

AT&T GigaMan Internet is an incredibly high speed and high efficiency Ethernet service solution for businesses.

What is GigaMAN service? It is an incredibly high speed and high efficiency Ethernet service solution. It operates in the same way as a Local Area Network, but with a powerful high capacity. The speed rate for data transmission with a GigaMAN is twenty times that the common DS3. The data rate can even reach up to 20 gigs – an incredible amount of power and surely enough to support a business that relies heavily on the internet. It is also important to note that GigaMAN has an easy to use interface, making it user friendly for everyone in your business. The service even makes it easy for you as a business owner to monitor your use every day of the week to insure that you have the most cost effective service for your needs.

Additionally, with GigaMAN you can feel assured because it comes with AT&T level reliability and security. AT&T even offers extensive customer service and trouble-shooting to all consumers.

Our clients at Connecthere.com have had great success working with GigaMAN services to date. Please contact us or give us a call to find out if GigaMAN is the right choice for you. We have friendly and reliable customer service representatives as well as technicians standing by to explain the GigaMAN service further. We will help you to find out if this is the right internet service option for you. If you find that GigaMAN service is not right for your business we can help you find what is right. We work with a wide varied of other services and we are happy to evaluate your business needs and point you in the right direction. Thank you and we look forward to working with you.

Casey Wedge

My name is Casey Wedge and I have been with Fastblue for a few years now. I have maintained a few different positions within the company and although I am currently the Regional Manager of Sales. I am very fond of writing and like to stay up to date on what's going on in the world of Telecom.

Aside from work, I have played hockey my whole life so I am decent on the rink and a very average mountain biker. Breakfast foods are my favorite and I enjoy spending time with many fellow UCSB Gaucho Alums – Olé!


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