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24 Mar 2014

Data Center Internet Connections

In this article we would like to introduce you to Data Center Connections. The best way to begin to imagine exactly what a data center is – is to image the computers of the very early days of computer history. You are probably imagining a giant computer room with a large industrial ‘machine’. Around the
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21 Mar 2014

Burstable Internet Connection

As the owner of a new or growing young business it may be difficult for you to predict just how much telecommunication bandwidth your business will need. This makes it hard for you to purchase the right amount of bandwidth for everyday use. For this reason the team at is at your service to
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18 Mar 2014

T1 Internet Irvine

As a new business owner you have an overwhelming number of responsibilities to juggle. When getting your business off the ground it is important for you to address the most crucial elements first. Perhaps this includes your product or service and your team. One other critical element is your internet connection. A fast and secure
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14 Mar 2014

Integrated Network Service

Some of the most important decisions that you must make as a business owner are those regarding Internet Technology. This is so apparent because telecommunication is quickly taking over so many aspects of our business practices today. It is safe to assume that technology in business will continue to play a more and more important
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11 Mar 2014

Private Line Service

In this day and age face to face communication is only a small part of our business interactions. And, with each new technological development we see face to face communication decreasing in significance. With internet and phone services rapidly developing today we are able to simulate face to face communication effectively. These services are so
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15 Feb 2014

Bandwidth on Demand

As bandwidth demands rise steadily, enterprises are constantly on the look-out for the best way to meet their growing needs while maintaining the lowest possible total cost of ownership. Yet despite the declining cost of bandwidth, many companies are still unwilling (or unable) to pay higher bandwidth circuits. The solution to this problem is bandwidth
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16 Dec 2013

CenturyLink Integrated Access

OneFlex Integrated Access – The power of high-speed digital transport and dynamically allocated bandwidth on the same circuit CenturyLink’s OneFlex Integrated Access provides a simple solution that combines both voice and data over the same circuit. Additional features are integrated into the product to assist in running your business more efficiently. Competitively priced, OneFlex Integrated
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12 Dec 2013

CenturyLink Long Distance

High Quality Long Distance Service Over the CenturyLink Fiber Optic Network Long-distance service is a significant part of any business and an important building block in your virtual enterprise solution. CenturyLink Long Distance services provide high-quality connections over the CenturyLink multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) OC-192 fiber optic SONET network as part of a complete suite
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9 Dec 2013

CenturyLink Internet Service

Reliable Internet Access CenturyLink Data Networking Internet Port service is a crucial element in creating a virtual enterprise by delivering a high-speed, reliable and scalable Internet access service. You can maintain cost-effective communications with your branch offices and mobile employees quickly and easily by using CenturyLink to access the Internet. CenturyLink Data Networking Internet Port
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5 Dec 2013

CenturyLink Private Line Service

Protect Your Virtual Enterprise For your business to compete in today’s ever-changing marketplace, you must extend your market reach via tools such as the Internet and communications systems. As the speed of virtual business accelerates with newer and better technologies, your need to protect key business operations from competition and downtime becomes even greater. In
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